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Jan 15, 2002 10:30 AM

Cosmos,Chalet BBQ, PassePartout,ChuChai

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Just checking out the quality of this board. Any locals know all of these places? What about Chez Jose, The Montreal Pool room, Blue Nile, Amelios, the Thai place in Le Foubourg? Come on people, give me some gems like these! Cheap and the best at what they do. Or do you all have to spend $60 to find a good meal?

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  1. Our latest "cheap but good" faves....

    Pho Bac (St. Laurent just below de la Gauchetiere...GREAT pho place. We keep trying others and coming back here. My fave is the Poulardine soup...hubby gets the Pho Bac special w/ shrimp, chicken & beef brochettes, soup, rice, salad...for cheap cheap cheap. Beware the xtra large size!)

    Jano's (St. Laurent one door up from Warshaw...terrific Portugeuse grill place....the one w/ the grill in the front window. The often have a special w/ grilled chicken/lamb chops that's great value for the $$$.)

    Bistro Java U. (in Westmount on Sherbrooke. Coffee place by day, "chic" bistro by night...a bit pricier than the others. Amazing nighttime menu...changes every couple of weeks according to the chef's whim. Heavy on the "architectural" food (which I loathe) but makes for dramatic presentation.....ask for the appetizer platter...portions are more than generous)