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Feb 28, 2014 06:50 PM

STUFFED PASTA - Home Cooking Dish of the Month for March 2014

The people spoke and the next DOTM will be STUFFED PASTA. I was hoping for Thai Curries and maybe next month we’ll be cooking Thai but this month it is pasta. Interestingly, March COTM is “Stir”, an Italian cookbook with a possibility of stuffed pasta recipes.

I searched for “stuffed pasta” and didn’t find much coherence but this page was interesting:

Those curious to see how we agreed to make March stuffed pasta month, have a look at links below:
• the nomination thread:
• the voting thread:

Let’s stuff lots of pasta and have fun!

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    1. I have two that I make on a regular basis: Manicotti when I'm in a hurry, and cannelloni when I have a few hours. Both get equal praise luckily!

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        I have a baked manicotti recipe I really like that isn't the usual. Chopped broccoli, chopped red bell pepper, chopped onion and italian sausage are cooked in a saute pan and bound with a white sauce. This is the mixture and a simple red sauce is the first layer, then the manicotti, then some more white sauce and bake. The final product has the rich taste of cheese even though there isn't any.

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          Sounds healthy and tasty but there would be a riot if I served it ;-)

      2. I'm cooking for one, so when I want lasagna, have to scale it down from it's normal BIG form in a casserole dish. I'll cook 4-5 lasagna sheets (al dente), lay out on board, and smear about 2/3 with all the usual ingredients... meat sauce, ricotta/egg mixture, etc., then just roll up into a neat little "stuffed" bundle. Into a baking dish, top with more sauce & cheese and bake. One makes a decent sized portion for me, one becomes lunch the next day, and other 2-3 get frozen and vac sealed for later. From frozen & topped with sauce, ready to eat in about 35-45 minutes... about same amount of time "prepared"/frozen takes.

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          Kseiverd, thank for these instructions! I am also cooking for one and almost never make lasagna because of that. I will definitely try your method.

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            Lasagna rolls are one of my favorite things.... easy to freeze in individual portions and for someone like me, anything with built-in portion control is always good.

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              That sounds great kselverd! I'll definitely try this. I'm also cooking for one - I can imagine this with a salad and some good garlic bread! Yummy!

            2. Do deconstructed stuffed shells count? I made it last week. It's one of those recipes that's not really a recipe, quick 'n easy--spinach with hot sausage sauteed in garlic and oil. Then I tossed it with ricotta and bite-sized rigatoni. I didn't think it was a big deal. It's just simple, get dinner on the table Italian-American comfort food. I had packaged up a dish for my mom, too. When she finally ate it last night, she called and said, "What did you do? This is really good!" :)

              1. I love stuffed shells. I get the Giant Pasta Shells and do either a version of Taco stuffed shells or Enchilada stuffed shells. The meat can vary from ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken or shredded chicken. Here are a couple I have tried with much success.



                The "Mexican stuffed" ones I also add a little diced tomato and other toppings like I would a regular taco.