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Feb 28, 2014 06:39 PM

Best type of strainer/sieve for removing raspberry seeds?

OK, this might be a very dumb question: I have a large amount of frozen raspberries. I need to remove the seeds, leaving just a pulp. What's the best thing to use? Will a strainer like this one have a fine enough mesh? . Is there something that's better to use? I won't be cooking them or anything first, and I'd like to lose as little pulp as possible.

Thank you.

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  1. I use a fine mesh strainer similar to the one you link. If I'm doing a large batch I have a large chinoise - but they are more expensive than what you need to do the job.

    The only other two hints I can give are 1) make sure the raspberries are well thawed and 2) I prefer a semi-stiff rubber spatula as opposed to a hard wooden spoon to push the pulp through.

    Edit: one other thing I would suggest. If you do a lot of straining or are willing to spend a little extra cash - I do have one fine mesh strainer that essentially has 2 layers of mesh - one fine and one very wide but made of a stiffer metal. I like it a lot because the wide, stiff layer really helps support the finer mesh during heaving pressing. I've had more than one fine strainer rip along the edge after extended use. So while this style isn't necessary, they do last longer. . . .

    1. I do it the same way as thimes.

      1. Hi, ninrn:

        A traditional tamis is easiest. See,