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Feb 28, 2014 06:23 PM

March 2014 Cookbook of the Month - Stir: Mixing it up in the Italian Tradition by Barbara Lynch with Joanne Smart

Welcome all to the Cookbook of the Month thread for March 2014! This month we will all be cooking from Barbara Lynch's Stir. Having perused the book a bit over the last week I am sure we are in for a very tasty month.

To view the history of COTM please click here:

To view the nomination thread please click here:

To view the voting thread please click here:

And finally to view the announcement thread with all the online recipes graciously posted by our previous moderator please click here:

This thread may be used for all general discussions with regards to Stir and the COTM process this month. I look forward to the lively discussion as per usual.

In terms of posting your thoughts on individual recipes please use the links below. I have tried to separate them into logical threads, hopefully it will work for everyone. Please remember when posting to verify if the recipe you are commenting on has already been reviewed, if so please reply to the original poster so that all comments on a specific recipe are together.

Starters and Small Bites Pg. 1-56

Salads with Substance Pg. 57-80
Satisfying Soups Pg. 81-110

A Passion for Pasta Pg. 111-174

From the Sea Pg. 175-204
Chicken, Duck, and Goose Pg. 205-232
From the Butcher: Beef, Pork, and Lamb Pg. 233-260

On the Side Pg. 261-288

Sweet Treats Pg. 289-311

Now let's get to it!

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  1. Thanks Delys! Buon appetito for tonight.

    1. Yes, thank you delys77 for kicking off the month!

      1. Great kickoff for your start of coordinating! Thanks.

        1. Thanks very much all I'll do my best.

          1. Big thanks Delys and cheers to an exciting month of Italian dishes!

            Buon appetito!