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Feb 28, 2014 06:21 PM

March 2014 Cookbook of the Month - Stir: Mixing it up in the Italian Tradition: Sweet Treats Pg. 289-311

Greetings all!

Please use this thread to post your reviews for the "Sweet Treats" section.

Remember to review the thread in order to ensure you reply to the original post on any recipe you are reviewing to make sure all the comments are grouped together.

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  1. Butter Cookies - p. 301

    I noticed when I picked up this book from the library a couple of days ago that nobody had reviewed anything from the sweet treats chapter yet. I am happy to take on the burden of being the first.

    Anyone who has made sugar cookies will not find this recipe surprising; softened butter (10 tbsp!) and 1/2c+2tbsp sugar are whipped in a stand mixer bowl until fluffy, egg yolks (3 of them) are incorporated one at a time, then 1.5c flour and 1/4tsp of baking powder are stirred in. The ball of dough is then shaped into a disc, wrapped in plastic and refrigerated for at least 6 hrs. At this point you roll out your dough, grab your cookie cutters and away you go. I found the dough slightly tricky to work with - when I first rolled it out, it cracked around the edges, so I might have chilled the dough for a little too long. Eventually it softened up a bit, though, and I was on my way.

    BL suggests refrigerating your cookie sheets for another 15-20 minutes after you cut the cookies out, before baking, which I think helped to ensure that my cookies didn't spread out into buttery, vaguely skull and crossbone shaped puddles. :-)

    These were very nice cookies - rich, buttery, and with a lovely texture - a slight snap as you take a bite, and a good crumb. Perfect with my afternoon cup of tea!

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    1. re: geekmom

      Is that a skull and crossbones cookie cutter? Must have details please.

      1. re: dkennedy

        It is indeed!

        We especially like making our Christmas cookies with this thing. :-)

      1. Peaches and Cream, p. 310

        Reporting on a recipe I made before this book was selected as COTM. Peaches are currently unavailable here so I figured it won't get reported on if I don't do it now.

        We ate these warm out of the pan and they were divine.

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        1. re: dkennedy

          Peach season is coming.... only about 4 more months to go. I will mark this based on your recommendation.