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Feb 28, 2014 05:33 PM

Family-Friendly Good Eats in New Milford, CT?

We always have our kids (2 and 5) with us on weekends and enjoy dining out with them at family friendly establishments. We love the Cookhouse for the sometimes great food (the smoked duck is fantastic) and the tolerant vibe. I would be happy with going there every weekend, but my wife feels that we should branch out. Are there other places with food as good as the Cookhouse that also work well for children? Pizza places, like the decent Brickhouse on Danbury Rd., are ok, but something that is not pizza would be even more welcome.

Thanks, Hounds.

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  1. Up the road in Kent is the Kent Garden Pizza which is good and has a fairly diverse menu other than pizza. there's a really good Chinese take out place on the east side of New Milford but I have no ide what it's name is. We stay at the Homestead Inn in New Milford twice a year. The owner there put us on to the Chinese place.

    We usually manage a dinner at the Cookhouse also.

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      Thanks for the recommendations. We love Chinese, but the more authentic, the better for us. We've had bad luck with the takeout places we've tried.