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Feb 28, 2014 05:18 PM

Drinks/Eats near Edina High School

Volleyball tourney this weekend at Edina HS
What's the nearest bar to it? If it has food that's great. We're not picky, the main thing is alcohol.
Please advise.

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  1. An excellent question for Google Maps.

    It looks like the Sofitel is closest.

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    1. re: Jordan

      Sofitel is now regretably a Sheraton. I am bummed out beyond compare about that (Sofitel was my once a year staycation, treat-myself-like-a-queen holiday when when the temps and humidity hover around 100). Colette still exists, but I'm betting it's not nearly as great as once it was.

      Jordan is right:

      1. re: MplsM ary

        Oh, that's right. I'd heard recently about the Sofitel closing. That's a shame. I got married at a Sofitel and have warm feelings toward the brand.

    2. Edina HS is in the middle of a neighborhood. No nearby taverns. Your closest options will be Hwy 100 and 494, crosstown and France Ave., or out towards Eden Prairie.

      Kincaids at 8400 Normandale Blvd. probably has the nicest, most full stocked bar amongst the choices.

      1. Tavern on France was the call. A bit lame it doesn't open till 11am but it is Edina I guess. It fit the bill at a fair value.

        1. Go up to 50th and France. Barrio or Pig & Fiddle.

          1. Not sure if this weekend has come and gone or not but from there Pizza Luce in Hopkins is not a bad option if just need decent beer and good food.