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Feb 28, 2014 03:09 PM

Best pub food in Montreal?

Aside from Burgundy Lion, which is a favorite of mine, where do you guys like to go for really great pub food (and beer, obviously)?

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  1. I like the Fish 'n Chips from McGibbons on Bishop. Their bison burger is pretty decent too.

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      Are the lunches good? I have a lot of 2 for 1 coupons Ive never used

        1. Bier Market? It's expensive pub food, but great selection.

          1. I suppose that it is too early to rate the Bishop & Bagg, but it is the spawn of the Burgundy Lion, and this article mentions both the food planned to be on offer (don't know whether they are yet) and the origin of the name, which seemed odd geographically:

            I haven't been there yet; have a micro-local interest in the place as it is actually a not-very-long walk from my place, and halfway in-between chez moi and a couple of close friends who live closer to PA. It does look like a cosy "snug".

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              I loved the food there, which was impressive as the place had been open a week when I went. But no fish n' chips or burgers on the menu - it's pub food's cooler older brother. And yes - it's indeed a cozy spot!

            2. I go to burgundy lion often and I also like Hurley's and McKibbins.