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Feb 28, 2014 02:27 PM

Bologna -Florence new restaurants?

Travelling to Bologna and Florence in May. Love all the info on the old established/classic restaurants but there seems to be a dearth of info on any new hip happening restaurants started by young chefs? Anybody out there dialed in on what is happening in these two cities?

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  1. I've only eaten in the bar at Leoni in Bologna (near the Fiera), and what I ate was actually very traditional, but that might be your best bet. I ate what I considered a dismal meal in I Portici, but it has a Michelin star and a young chef.

    I think most people determined to have that kind of meal would just make the short trip out of Bologna to Modena and eat at Osteria Francescana. (I never have.) The chef also runs a bistro in Modena whose name I forget but I think it is hip and happening. Never ate there either. Not dialed in, and not dialed into Florence at all.

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      Thanks for the tips Will check them out.

    2. Florence has our michelin star chef Marco Stabile-- near the Uffizi on a small back alley just off the arno river near the ponte vecchio-

      he has a smaller and lighter lunch menu too.

      another place- which i have not tried but is on my list is Osteria Personale- over in san frediano-- a market inspired menu.

      this is the "osteria" which bottura ( who just won the nobel for gastronomy) opened with a friend--