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Jan 7, 2002 05:38 PM

Deux nuits dans Montréal: L'Express & ???

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Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs:

My wife and I will have the pleasure of visiting your wonderful city again in February, and we're dragging along another couple. I'm salivating already at the thought of your great cuisine. We're from Chicago and are quite spoiled about restaurants, but I thought the food in Montreal was outstanding (Quebec City, too, but that's another story).

Ate at L'Express last time, loved it and have to go back. Great food, great ambiance. Lots of fun, memorable meal. I still dream about the marrow bones. Seems like your message board threads concur.

I'm torn on my second choice for dinner. Le Passe Partout has quite a reputation out of town, but there is an eerie quiet about it on your board. Is this an instance of it being best to say nothing at all if you have nothing nice to say? Past its prime, perhaps?

How about Chronique or Globe? Better choices? Am looking for great food with lively scene, we like to eat, drink and be merry - prefer to stick with high end bistro food, when in Rome etc. Something like Toque seems a little too contrived for my liking.

A bientot!
votre ami, Pierre

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    anonymous john

    I haven't been to le passe partout, so no comment. I like Globe, and suggest that the fish specials are usually excellent, but I prefer going on a Tuesday or Wednesday when its a little quieter if I want the food; showing up on the weekend its a see and be-seen sort of place. The food is sometimes not up to par. (In a 'Not bad, but they can do better sort of way.')

    I went to La Chronique recently, and it was lovely. Great food, wonderful service, a really knowledgeable sommelier, which is a rarity here. However, you might find it too 'contrived.' I really appriciated the fact that the cheeses served had little acompaniments (a St Andre with candied apricot bits, a goat cheddar with toasted hazelnuts; they really enhanced the cheese nicely. I haven't seen that touch elsewhere.) So, while I suggest going sometime to see how well haute cuisine is done in Montreal, its not for your bistro trip.

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      The food at Globe is very uneven with cute rather than knowledgable waiters, go more for the scene than the quality. Pass Partout has a solid reputation with an excellent bakery but the environment is kinda stuffy, certainly not bistro-style and although the food is good, it lacks imagination,(tired menu). Try Pied du Cochon ,see my previous post for details called Re:(1)ham.

    2. The Globe is great for "being merry"; it has a lively atmosphere, great music and is always crowded, with a good "scene". In my opinion, however, the food at La Chronique is much better. It's a great little bistro. It is a very small room, so I would be wary of getting too boisterous in there; I don't think the other patrons would appreciate it.