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Feb 28, 2014 01:17 PM

Sai Krok Isan ไส้กรอกอีสาน - are they on any Toronto Thai Restaurant menu?

Hi, I just moved to Toronto and wondered if there are any restaurants that serve this? Need to crush my craving!

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  1. You can find it at Wiang Kuk Thai Food, a food stall in the First Markham Place food court.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. re: wiang kuk

          this is the only dish it is available in: nam kao.

          i asked if i could buy a whole individual sausage but was denied.

          - khao san road

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          1. re: KhaoSanRoad

            wow. it looks pretty good for a food court. how did it taste? worth the trip up north?

            1. re: barnes1852

              "looks pretty good for a food court" asian food courts are really good value and many are restaurant quality as opposed to the "fast food" type of food court.

              First Markham Place is definitely worth the trip from Toronto IMO.

              1. re: szw

                just had dinner there tonight. i guess looks can be somewhat deceiving. the pad thai was pretty flavourless. the nam kao was tasty though the meat was overcooked. the heavenly beef definitely was not. huge portions, not great taste. in fact i was pretty sure it was not pure thai so i went and talked to the ladies and sure enough they are from laos. it is nowhere near the level of khao san road but if you want massive quantities and ok taste, then this might be your place.

                1. re: barnes1852

                  Sorry you didn't like it! I should I mentioned I never eat thai or korean food at the asian food courts....I've never actually tried that one. (I forgot I was in a thread about thai food...)

                  First Markham Place is good for cantonese and I like the malaysian stall and HK cafe stall, one of the bbq meat places is decent also. The good part is you can get a dish many different stalls and have them together. Shanghai stall has a nice noodle soup dish as well.

                  1. re: barnes1852

                    In my limited experience, Wiang Kuk can be good-or-meh depending on their dishes. I've had a decent/good larb from them with hand-chopped dark meat, but I've also had a flavourless pork noodle soup from them.

                    For Thai, if I'm in Markham, I'll eat there, but to really satisfy a craving for Thai food, I prefer KSR, Sukhothai, or Sabai Sabai.

                    1. re: lsk

                      true. though i think sukhothai has slipped in quality recently.

                    2. re: barnes1852

                      i didn't try anything but the nam kao and i would argue that it definitely has 'great taste'. hell i just finished eating it cold the next day and it was still great. it's a long haul from downtown so i don't necessarily think i would do it every day but i will 100% go back for another round of it next time i'm in that area

                2. re: KhaoSanRoad

                  took a chance on Wiang Kuk Thai Food (thanks to this thread) when i was at FMP doing some errands. had the heavenly beef sausage and larb beef. both came with soup and choice of rice (regular or sticky). total came to something like $17 for both meals.

                  really enjoyed the flavours of both. there was a pretty pronounced lemongrass taste in the beef sausage. the larb beef was pretty refreshing...tasted more like a light salad with all the herbs and citrus. the papaya salad was just ok, i prefer pai's. soup was meh. seemed like a light chicken broth with some coriander aftertaste. not too sure what was in the hot sauce (started off as sweet/coconuty) but boy was it ever hot

                  i'm no expert on thai by any means...heck i think most of my "authentic" thai experiences have only been at ksr/sukhothai/pai. just like lsr, i'd definitely revisit this place for a cheap and cheerful meal.