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Dec 29, 2001 05:21 PM

Your advice needed on wedding catering in Montreal

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Hi, everyone. We're from New York and getting married in Montreal next summer.

What a wonderful city you have!

A few months ago, I posted a question that may have been too narrow, which was, what Thai restaurants in Montreal do you think would cater weddings? What can I say, other than we've spent time in Thailand, love the food, and our dream would be to serve haute Thai cuisine at our wedding. But the request was so narrow, we got no responses. As an aside, I will say we've had some great food at Montreal resturants when we've visited in our planning, except for the Thai food. Even the top rated Thai restaurants, including the well-known ones mentioned here at the Montreal Chowhound board, we've found so-so at best.

Okay, we've given up in the Thai food for our wedding quest - well, almost. We've narrowed our selection for a caterer down to two top caterers in Montreal, and probably won't go Thai after all, because it's been too hard to find. But when we do our caterer tastings as we select a caterer, we may ask them to attempt Thai. But if we go with a general caterer, I doubt we'd trust non-Thais to cook Thai in the end because we're so used to the real thing.


1. What are the best caterers in general for a wedding in Montreal? Forget about our Thai dream regarding this one - just the best wedding caterers period :-)
2. In another take on the Thai possibility, what are some of the city's high end Asian restaurants, ie haute cuisine Chinese, Pan-Asian and the like? They perhaps could cook Thai for a wedding!

We'd be grateful for your comments on the above two questions. Thanks, everyone!


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  1. My favourite Thai restaurant is Restaurant Thailand on Bernard Street, corner St-Urbain. The food is excellent (I've also been to Thailand and am Asian, so you can trust me). I have no idea if they cater or not. I think that Thai Grill caters. They're also good, but not as good as Restaurant Thailand and are more expensive.