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Feb 28, 2014 11:49 AM

Steve's Pizza, North Miami

Is this the best pizza in South Florida, or are there places that do a better job of pizza?

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  1. Ah an agent provocateur, eh?

    In 2 weeks, this thread will have 87 replies. And nothing will be decided, of course, because it's personal.

    Many folks will answer "No, the best is [Oceano, Lucali, Anthony's, King's County, Scuola Vecchia, Nicks, La Buca...].

    And then many others will say, Are you crazy, xxx's sucks.

    And then there will be an argument about thin crust, Chicago, Connecticut, coal, wood, Neapolitan, etc.

    But for a good overview of most or all of the key players, you should study CF's Pizza Tiers of Excellence:

    I've been to most on that list. Steve's is good but the rap against it is ultra sweet sauce. I liked it but many don't.

    (BTW for new folks reading this, don't go to Oceano. Its terrible and all people should stay away. Especially on Saturday nights at 6PM. Thank you.


    Meanwhile, you can do some background reading here, to see what you're getting into :-)

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    1. re: CFByrne

      Another good source to get ideas for "comparison shopping" is WorstPizza's list:

      BTW I'm not saying this isn't worth an ongoing discussion here.

      But checking some of this history first can help give a starting frame of reference of sorts.

      My favs, not in order, include:
      Café de Buca
      Nick's New Haven (White Clam, Garlic and Bacon
      )Pizzeria Oceano
      Anthony's Coal Fired
      Kings County
      Scuola Vecchia
      Café Frankie's (need to try again to confirm)
      Vic and Angelo's (also need to retry)
      Pummarola Pizzeria and Pastificio (special mention because it's in a shopping mall food court!) (although I think they now have a place in Coral Gables too).

    2. This is as good a place as any to add a new pizza rave: Pittzza at Ironside in one of the design centers in the Little River section of Miami.

      Definitely a Chowfather Tier 2 place, quite possibly a Tier 1. Wood oven, fresh real mozzarella, great crust and simple home-made sauce -- and a cool outdoor courtyard to sit in. Went there Thursday after getting a "hey we're open" postcard in the mail. Service is quirky but earnest. Food is worth it.

      Very much worth the trip. Address is: 7580 NE 4th Ct., 33138. (Take 79th St from I-95 and make the last right turn before you hit Biscayne onto NE 4th Ct (just over the rr tracks).)

      Would love to see them succeed since it's by far our favorite pizza in the area.

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      1. re: BILLWOLK

        Thanks CB. I know we have similar pizza tastes. I need to give Tucci's another shot. It had potential but my pie was over sauced for me.

        Bill, Pittzza at Ironside must be fairly new. I've never heard a mention of it anywhere. Thanks for the tip.


        NY Slice- Mauro's (Hollywood), Spadini's (Boca), Kings County (Aventura) *KC serves an even better Grandma pie and the old school pie is great too

        Wood/Coal Oven pies- Lucali (South Beach), Pizzeria Oceano (Lantana), Scuola Vecchia (delray beach) Anthony's Coal Fired, Nick's New Haven (Boca) Cafe la Buca (Pompano B).