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Feb 28, 2014 11:29 AM

Fabulous Birthday Cake???

I'm throwing a surprise birthday party for my big brother in Chicago and need to find a fabulously delicious birthday cake. He especially loves anything to do with butterscotch or caramel. We are having his birthday dinner at Shaw's Crab House and I'd need the cake delivered there. Any ideas? (Thanks in advance!)

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  1. I suggest discussing it with the folks at Shaw's. Lettuce Entertain You, their owners, have the resources of many restaurants and pastry chefs, and can whip up just about anything. The pastry team at Shaw's, in particular, is excellent; they still have the best crème brulee in town. (It's also possible they might not permit a birthday cake from outside.)

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      Thank you very much - that is a great suggestion and I will ask the Shaw's pastry team.