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Feb 28, 2014 11:27 AM

Which Kaiseki Restaurant?

Four of us will be visiting Kyoto for two nights next week. We aren't serious foodies, but a high end meal is nice during a holiday. We appreciate good food.

Anyway, we've never had a Kaiseki/multi course Japanese meal before, so would love to try that in Kyoto. Our budget is about 50,000yen or less, so Kikunoi and Kitcho are wayyy off. We can only do a Friday lunch or dinner, and we're thinking of Nishiki Arashiyama or Giro Giro. Nishiki fits our itinerary perfectly because we will be visiting Arashiyama during lunchtime, and I also feel that Nishiki is more traditional? (We're not big fans of fusion cuisine). Could someone weigh in on this? Esp. the comparison between Giro Giro & Nishiki? Thanks!

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  1. I went to Giro Giro during my autumn 2012 and although we definitely enjoyed our meal, and it was good value, I didn't rate it that highly compared to the kaiseki ryori we enjoyed in a couple of ryokans we stayed at.

    Some of the dishes were great, but some were only so-so and I think some really didn't benefit from how they had all been prepped in advance to be able to aid fast service.

    And yes, there were a few minor elements of fusion, perhaps better described as modern Japanese really, rather than fusion - certainly it was not a traditional kaiseki meal in terms of the types of dishes.

    I don't regret going, on the advice of a friend, but I'd definitely not be in a rush to revisit.