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Feb 28, 2014 11:15 AM

Need Charleston Recs for mid April

I will be visiting Charleston in mid April. I was there briefly a few years ago, and my husband has never been. We will be in downtown and will have 2 dinners, 2 lunches. What's walkable and not to miss?

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  1. Have you searched any of the existing treads for Charleston? There are dozens of recent ones that provide a ton of information. Do you have any price or cuisine preferences? The choices are nearly limitless: FIG, SNOB, The Ordinary, McIntosh, Hominy Grill, Goat Sheep Cow, Cru Cafe, Husk, etc., etc.

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      I knew that would aggravate you cd. Check out my recent trip under Charleston gift certificate conundrum.

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        Didn't mean to aggravate...the last thread I could find addressing this was from October. Since I'm coming from Minneapolis, I don't have an understanding of how seasons affect your dining recs. (Weather/what's in season change our dining scenes pretty significantly depending on time of year).
        We eat anything and are open on cost, we really want to get a feel for what represents Charleston. I'll look at the old thread and go from there. Thanks!

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          No aggravation, Here's a thread that should be pretty helpful from last November:

          Seasonality definitely affects specific foods or dishes, but the good places are good in all seasons, for the most part.

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                Thanks. You have to teach me how to add a link. Tech challenged

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                  Its the bottom of each post is the word "link". Left click on it and a box will appear that says "Copy link to share". Place your mousse over the string of type in the box, right click, and then left click "copy". Then place your cursor wherever you want to place the link (such as in a reply box on here) and right click again, then left click "paste". The link will then be copied onto the page.

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              Lots of threads on this topic, but thought I would weigh in! I lived in Mpls for quite awhile, live here in Charleston now and dine out quite a bit. If I were you, I would probably focus on seafood and southern cuisine since you already have pretty good access to farm-to-table/modern cuisine and steakhouses.

              Dinners: FIG (good variety), McCrady's (tasting menu), & The Ordinary (seafood) are my favorite. Charleston Grill & Peninsula Grill are also wonderful, although slightly more formal atmosphere.
              Lunch/Brunch: Husk (gets a lot of publicity, but beautiful space, excellent burger); Hominy Grill, Cru Cafe & Martha Lou's chicken (not walking distance, but best fried chicken in town)

              Have fun!