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Dec 20, 2001 09:35 PM


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I think the best ham in Montreal is in the Laurentians near Val Morin at Le Petit Poucet- Their ham is maple cured and can be bought at the take-out counter. It is on Highway 117 between Val Morin and Val David.

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  1. Au Pied du Cochon on duluth west of st.hubert, a modern yet relaxed bistro with super friendly waitstaff and decent wine list. Wood-oven roasted dishes , cassoulet,traditional pig's knuckles and other tender meats including, fall off the bone lambshank on bed of lentils, great appetizers(brandade,tarte tomate). It's non-smoking but who cares, this is hearty winter food! A must for the tourist looking for a unique hip montreal experience.

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      Patisserie Belge on laurier has excellent baked ham with maple syrup/cloves, and don't leave without buying a couple of their outstanding croissants while you're at it.