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Feb 28, 2014 06:48 AM

What's good for lunch in Fort Lee?

Started working up here a few months ago right off 46 on Fletcher Ave, and besides two different pizza places haven't ventured out too much for lunch.

Anyone have good suggestions?

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  1. There are so many amazing Korean options for lunch there...just search yelp for korean joints and try 'em all out!

    1. JD's (on Main Street)...if you like burgers, try it. They used to be off-the-menu. There's several of the Korean places on Main Street, and nearby as well -- look through some of the threads here. A few of them have the Korean/BBQ/etc. chicken and they do it very well. Others here know that far better than me so search around some of the threads.

      Keep going north on Fletcher and follow it to 9W/Sylvan Avenue. A few minutes up the road is the Bicycle Club. Right next door is the Assembly and they run some good lunch specials on occasion. Before you get to those two, you'll pass the Cliff's Steakhouse and Cafe Italiano.

      Also on Main Street is In Napoli...around the corner is It's Greek To Me, not upscale, premier Greek, but if you want to have a few gyros, souvlaki, spanikopita, etc. -- it's OK to go for lunch, grab a bite. A step or two above "fast food" but along those lines to some. On Anderson Avenue is the Big Red Tomato. I haven't been in several years, but it used to be good -- better than a typical red sauce and pizza place trying to be an Italian restaurant...good food, good flavor, etc.

      Also on Main Street -- Hiura -- haven't been there in a while, but very good sushi.

      And...last but certainly not least...the piece de resistance...on Palisade Avenue...HIRAM' like hot dogs (good fries, cold beer, burgers, etc., a truly classic joint)...HIRAM'S...'nuff said.

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        Is Ruths Armenian take out sill around?