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Dec 5, 2001 03:08 PM

Ham in Montreal

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I'm from the States and always got a HoneyBaked Ham or reasonable facsimile for Christmas. Who does a great ham here in Montreal? Does anyone know of good take-out places other than the usual pizza, subs, Indian? Thanks! thanks for all the great suggestions on this site. It's wonderful for a newcomer!

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  1. The chicken rotisserie place on St. Laurent is amazingly good and cheap. The potatoes are to die for. It's south American although I can't remember the name they give you a nice sized sandwich with on a portugese roll for super cheap. Also Shwartz's for smoked meat on Rye is a must try down the street.


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      I think you're thinking of Coco Rico. Their potatoes are to die for! I have to walk on the other side of the street to resist going in for their rotisserie pork roast and potatoes.

      Another place that's in that stretch and is amazing is the little grill joint right beside Warshaw. (Of course I can't think of the name right now!) It's the Portugese one that has the grill right in the window. Definitely NOT a place to take vegetarian friends to though. Their menu is essentially meat with some get a pathetic little iceberg salad, awesome fries, a strip of pickled red pepper and MEAT. They run a Lamb Chop/1/4 chicken special every one in awhile that's dirt cheap for what you get. Waiting staff is nice and friendly and efficient. The ambiance in the back room is wonderfully cosy, especially in winter when you can watch the snow fall through the little side windows.

      It's one of "our" places to go for dinner when we don't feel like cooking any more. Both of us are professional chefs and we tend to like our food nice and simple and well prepared...and cheap if possible! This is one place that hasn't disappointed us. (And I really wish I could remember the name....)

      1. re: Joann

        Sounds great. I think I can picture it. Is it the Restaurant Jano?(I cheated on montreal citysearch). Those super inexpensive potatoes made from the rotisserie drippings are the BEST.

        Have you ever eaten at a Chez Cora branch? I know it's pretty commercial but we're just looking for some inexpensive breakfast options.

        1. re: iron frank

          That's it! I kept coming up w/ Pano's, a brochetterie on Duluth w/ an utterly charming back courtyard. Really a joy in the summer. The food used to be great there...good, solid brochetterie fare, but I haven't eaten there in a long time so I can't vouch for it now.

          The best breakfast, if you're not looking for anything beyond the "basic" breakfast, is Place Milton, a.k.a. Nick's Place. It's been there for literally generations....Nick's parents used to run it and once they both passed on he took over and expanded it. Anyhow! He does amazing breakfasts for really good prices. It's our favorite hungover pig out place. My favorite is the Menage a Trois...three eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, homefries, toast and coffee. For obvious reasons an occasionnal indulgence. His Pain Doré (french toast) is terrific too.

          1. re: Joann

            Thanks for the suggestions. Still looking for that ham.

            For breakfast, have you tried Le Toasteur on Roy, one block from Parc Lafontaine in the Plateau? It was the first place I ever ate when we moved to Montreal. wonderful breakfasts, friendly homey service.

            1. re: Donna

              Haven't tried that place yet. We generally never stray from Eggspectations for nostalgia sake as it was the first place we ever ate breakfast in Montreal. My list of places to try is so long now. I'll check out Le Tosteur though our tastes tend to run towards the innovative than traditional and that's hard to find in breakfast.


              1. re: iron frank

                Surely any discussion of breakfast in Montreal MUST include Beauty's on Mont-Royal W.. The Mish-Mash omelette is, well, a thing of Beauty's!

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      François Senécal

      I've never tasted it, the Maitre Boucher on Monkland in NDG does prepare ham for the holiday season. I do not know if it is honey or maple glazed or if simply smoked, but I'm sure they could confirm by phone. I would also suggest trying the dozen or so butchers in the Atwater Market. I'm sure at least one must prepare hams.

      As always, am getting hungry just thinking about all this...