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Feb 28, 2014 06:33 AM

Pear tree advice

I planted two pear tree's two summers ago. Last summer one actually produced 4 large delicious pears! I believe I was suppose to prune them down in the fall, which I did not do. So my question is what should I do this spring? Do I leave them I prune early spring? Prune now? What do I do to increase my chances of a more bountiful harvest?


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    1. I have some apple trees we planted, they took 4 years before they produced, in the Adk. Mts of NY. I would suggest you Google "pear tree pruning", I just did and there is a lot of info out there , that is beyond my typing ability here.

      1. If they haven't leafed out, it's probably not too late. I use "The Backyard Orchardist" but often start with, or other online resources.

        "Pruning After The First Season"

        "Pruning Out of Control Pear Tree"

        1. Give it time. Some years are better than others. I agree that googling pruning is a good idea, but you could also see if there might be a fruit tree pruning workshop in your area. It's best to learn from the experts.

          1. jvredivici- Where do you live It makes a big difference.

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