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Feb 28, 2014 05:40 AM

Three lunches--Mandeville, Covington, Albita Springs, La

Husband and I are going to be sightseeing in the area and will be going out to lunch every day. I did some research on this board and the New Orleans board but the discussions are pretty old.

We like all kinds of food and, of course, want to skip any chains. Seafood is always appreciated. Maybe not Mexican as we are heading to Houston for three weeks and will probably have more than sufficient while we are visiting there. I was thinking Trey Yuen Chinese in Mandeville because of the local specialties on the menu. How is Abita BBQ? Any more ideas would be much appreciated.

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  1. Have you already visited? If not, here are my recommendations:

    Mandeville - Liz's Where Y'at Diner

    Covington - Buster's, Bear's or Sweet Daddy's (BBQ)

    Abita Springs - Abita Springs Cafe or the Brew Pub

    Abita BBQ is decent, but I haven't been in a while so I can't be sure it's still good.