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Feb 28, 2014 05:11 AM

Family Trip To Vegas ... Please Help Me!!

I am heading to Vegas in three weeks with my Husband & 9 year old Triplets! Although Dad will be doing business all day, we will be hanging out by the pool and having fun! Can anyone PLEASE suggest some FAMILY FRIENDLY restaurants that have great food ( all kinds ) , as well as fun things to do in the evening that won't break our bank! Thanks!! We have a car, so we can drive... Please Help me! Anything from Burgers to Seafood to Chinese to Middle-Eastern! We love it all! Thanks again!

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  1. This was from a while ago, but here's my trip report on a trip to Vegas with my kids and in-laws.

    1. If you don't have one where you live checkout Cheebuger Cheeburger. Your children can create their own burgers, chicken sandwiches or grilled cheese.
      The Orleans has a good breakfast buffet for $8.99 per person. You may have to check elsewhere for anything non food related as the administrators of this board try to keep this board food related.

      1. Pinball museum on East Tropicana - not far from strip, is fun evening activity before or after your meal.

        1. How great that you have kids willing to try different kinds of cuisines. Having a car will save you a lot of money and get you better food than you can find on the Strip.

          I think both you and the kids would love Viva Las Arepas (at 1616 S. Las Vegas just north of the Stratosphere, has terrific arepas, which may be enough for a meal for the kids. Or you could share a huge mixed grill (or both). Their homemade soups are terrific, too. And then right next door is the best gelato in Las Vegas. The Art of Flavor is great and the kids will love getting tastes of the different varieties. This is a sketchy neighborhood, but you can drive up right to the storefronts, and the clientele of both establishments, are a happy group. And kids are welcome at both places. You can stuff yourselves with at both places for under $20 pp.

          I think Chinese is a great idea, too. If you take Alan's idea of going to the Pinball Hall of Fame, which I think is a great idea, Bejing Noodle Cafe is nearby, with house-pulled noodles. (4130 S Sandhill Rd). The wontons and noodles are particularly good.

          Mexican? Tacos El Gordo, in a fast food atmosphere, has terrific adobado tacos, as well as many other alternatives. In the early evening, there are many families there (1724 East Charleston). They also have a location on the Strip (3049 S. Las Vegas Blvd.), at the same low prices.

          I think the kids would get a kick out of the Peppermill Coffee Shop on the strip, with old-school decor and big portions of decent + food. The prices aren't high by Strip standards, but this is the most expensive of all the places I've listed.

          1. Try Kung Fu Thai around mountain spring road for some affordable thai food! Also, if you want to get away from the strip for any asian food, just check out the a lot of the restaurants on mountain spring road. They're much more affordable than the americanized asian food found on the strip.

            As a kid I remember I LOVED going to the arcade so maybe check the hotel that you're staying at to see if they have one...I know MGM has one as well as a really cool pool area (not sure if you have to be a guest to use it though).

            Bellagio water shows come on every 15 min if you're lucky enough to walk by while it's going on, completely free and mesmerizing!

            Your kids may also get a kick out of going to madame tussauds wax museum at the venetian.

            OH and if you haven't already tried it, Earl of Sandwich has the most amazing chipotle chicken avocado sandwich. Super affordable and will be the best $7 you spend on a sandwich. You can find it inside planet hollywood!

            And since you're in vegas, if you're willing to splurge on a buffet and don't need to go too fancy (since you are with 9 year olds), I recommend you try out planet hollywoods spice market buffet which ranges around $30 (for adults) definitely a mid range priced buffet that's executed pretty well for its price.