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Feb 27, 2014 09:53 PM

Olive oil dispenser for easy cooking

I buy semi large cans sometimes and they are a mess to use on a daily basis

any recommendations ?

I see rachaelray has one and it's cute but it looks too complicated plus it's stoneware

i just want a container with a spout that pours nicely


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  1. A not fancy solution, but I buy olive oil in the big costco sized containers. Which I refill into a 16 oz bottle I bought a ways back for camping or whatever. I refill it once a week or so, and easy to use.

    1. I have been using this one for the past several years and absolutely love it. I've also given several as gifts and have gotten rave reviews. It's totally non-drip.

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      1. re: Big Easy

        Those are beautiful, BE!
        I keep a few pint jars for storing the oil from large containers. For day to day cooking, I use a cruet and an 8-ounce/250 ml squeeze bottle.

        1. re: KarenDW

          Karen, I also like it because it is no-drip.

      2. I find half-pint spirits bottles nice to hold and of good heft, plus they clean cleanly.

        1. go to a place that sells bartender supplies, the plug/spout for pouring shots works perfect in the right bottle. I had a set of bottles for oil and vinegar with those from I think BB+Beyond or Williams-Sonoma (it was a gift) until the last move.

          on review scroll down on Big Easy's link it has merchandise like that.

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            I bought a cute glass bottle and put a bar spout in it. One of these has lived on my stove for years and years (lost the last one in a move, so I have a new one)

            Easier to pour than the big honking bottle, and keeps the big bottle in a dark, cool closet so it stays fresh

          2. Single handed operation is essential for me, along with restricting the airflow when the bottle is just standing unused. I want to avoid having to remove and replace a cap a number of times during a cook-up. The little metal flap on this just swings shut after use:


            I just use it in a swilled out wine bottle.

            Edit: Just seen that your Rachael Ray link has exactly the same pourer.