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Feb 27, 2014 08:45 PM

Best Pittsburgh Restaurant with a view of the city

Haven't been to any of the view restaurants since moving away for college more than a decade ago. But would like to take some visitors to show off how beautiful the city looks at night. Which ones actually have good food? And please tell me how is the atmosphere? Stuffy? Corporate expense account types? Romantic? Modern & hip? Thanks!

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  1. I would highly recommend Monterey Bay which has pretty good seafood. Also across the street is Isabela which is very good also, although maybe a bit more "stuffy" for what you are looking for. The view is spectacular from both!

    1. We're just occasional visitors to Pittsburgh, but we really enjoy all the city has to offer.

      On our first trip, about six years ago, we had dinner at Monterey Bay. The view is very nice, but we thought it was definitely a "corporate expense account type" of place. On a weeknight, it was filled with business people who didn't mind overpaying (by quite a bit) for the quality of the food and for mediocre service.

      We have not tried a restaurant with a view on subsequent trips. There's a "whole foods" kind of place near the terminus of the other incline that gets good reviews.

      1. Isabella on Grandview has a great view. Expensive and more of a special night type place. Most on Grandview are expensive and some not so good.
        You may want to stop and take pictures and go somewhere else to eat if cost is an issue. Or stop by for a drink at the Grandview Saloon or even LeMont.