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Feb 27, 2014 08:37 PM

Someplace interesting with Tasting Menu

My friend and I are in NYC for one night and one night only and we are looking for someplace interesting with a great/cool tasting menu. On past trips we have done WD50 and Marc Forgione and really liked them. I am hoping I can get a reservation for Ko, but I need some good back up plans if this doesn't happen. Price is not really an issue. We want to stick to Manhattan, but would travel off the island if the option was really compelling.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      + 1 for Jungsik!

      Heard about it on these boards and was totally blown away by the place. We didn't do the tasting menu but the food was phenomenal, the wine was one of the top three bottles we've ever had (the sommelier really understood what we were looking for) and the service was great too. For the experience we had, the price was a bargain (I'm not saying it was a cheap dinner, just that it was well priced compared to other places that offer the same experience.)

    2. Another vote for Jungsik. Very creative and delicious cuisine. Excellent service.

      1. Hirohisa or Brushstroke are great. Haven't had JungSik but it always gets rave reviews.

        1. If you want something really interesting outside of Manhattan I would say check out Luksus in Brooklyn especially if you enjoy beer.