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Feb 27, 2014 07:03 PM

healthy hot pot around vancouver?

hey just wondering what's the best place to go to get top quality and healthy hot pot.

must offer plain broth or pure chicken broth, non-fatty high quality meats, fish, seafood, and large variety of vegetables
optional: brown/wild rice or gluten free noodles

-we want them to bring the food to our table and we cook ourselves
- attentive service in english, or at least the menu in english

price doesnt matter


p.s. how's landmark hotpot at cambie and king ed? quick google search has them highly rated on yelp and urbanspoon, but can't find the menu online... pictures don't look too healthy, reviewers recommending "fatty beef and lamb"

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  1. It sounds like you are new to hot pot. Here's a quick overview.

    Hot Pot, at least Chinese Hot Pot, is always a cook it yourself experience and is as healthy as you want to make it.

    Whether it is all you can eat or a la carte, the onus is on you to make choices that work for your dining party.

    All Hot Pot places around town will offer lots of choices, with bilingual menus, which includes lean cuts of meat such chicken breast, beef sirloin and tons of veggie options.

    I'm not sure what plain broth is but chicken broth is usually the cheapest soup stock option / default option.

    Brown/Wild Rice probably will not be available since that's not really popular in Chinese Food culture.

    As for gluten free noodles, you can go with Rice Noodles, Rice Cakes or Mung Bean Noodles. HOWEVER if there is a gluten issue with one of your guests, you may want to avoid the dumplings, meatballs and a few dipping sauces like the soy sauce.

    The differences which separate the top tier hot pot places, won't apply to your request as you just want chicken stock and lean cuts of meat.

    My advice, find a place you're comfortable with and make sure you make a reservation since it's hot pot season now. Please note most places have a 2 hour limit for your stay.