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Feb 27, 2014 05:52 PM

The Chairman- WOW

When making my reservation here, we we confirmed by Danny, who, in a series of emails, custom designed our dinner for us.

We were seated in a huge two top in their "bar dining room". We loved the table, and loved being on the ground floor.

Our waiter was a gentleman named Arta, who, if you comet The Chairman, you MUST ask for. Super professional and knowledgeable, he made the wonderful food and wonderful experience and a great evening out.

For us, the stand out dishes were the house signature Flowery Crabs, the braised spareribs, the Tea smoke duck, (which left us dying for more), and the crabmeat and mushroom dumplings.

They custom printed the menu for us so we could follow the nine courses the came to us. Dinner was beautifully paced by Arta and everything came out perfectly cooked and hot.

We loved our dinner and our experience at The Chairman, and highly recommend you make a reservation here- And don't forget to ask for Arta!!

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  1. Great to hear - I need to get back there.

    All the waiters here are wonderful but I think Arta has served me in the past and I agree he is very good.

    1. Yup Arta also served us during our visit in early January, although we didn't ask for him specifically. Really awesome guy to chat with and he gave us some insight on why he thinks they lost their Michelin star (one big "reason" he half jokingly thinks is small dinky restroom....but Jiro's restaurant has no restroom and is outside haha) . Plus Arta has been with The Chairman since they opened. The best story we heard was when he told us the executive chef of Ryugin (Tokyo) dined with his crew before he took off for the airport, and left a hefty tip, but Arta didn't know who he was, and Ducasse wanted a tour of the kitchen.

      Also Simon helped me with picking out the dishes, I made a few custom requests/changes and they were very accomodating.

      The crab was hands down the most impressive dish of the entire evening, cannot reiterate this enough. Also the quality and taste of the crab and cooking really ruins you when you try to request something remotely similar, and you conclude that cooking skills and the quality of ingredients overseas is the reason why high end Cantonese fine dining cannot be replicated overseas (mostly in the USA, excluding Vancouver/Toronto areas).

      Even though I did not bother with other Michelin rated restaurants during my Dec/Jan trip, and instead focusing on local food, I was extremely happy with The Chairman, as were my friends visiting HK from SF Bay Area (who are gourmets and gourmands themselves).

      1. Interesting to hear every one raving about Chairman's Flower Crab?!
        During my last year's visit to HK, i had the chance to first taste Chairman's version and then the version at Aberdeen Wholesale seafood market's canteen.
        I must say, the latter was even better and costs only 'HALF' as much!! What a @#$%^&%^ deal!!! Ha!!
        Pity Aberdeen has to close down due to rent issue! Sigh!!

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          what kind of sauce does it use?

          1. re: Lau

            Clean and simple - Vintage Shao-Xing wine and Chicken Fat, Egg white

            1. re: Charles Yu

              ahhh that sauce, its so white, normally its kind of yellow

        2. Went back to The Chairman yesterday for the second time, both times I've gotten the dinner set because they were always able to substitute multiple dishes to the dishes you want.

          The food for both times were exceptional, liked the flowery crabs both times. Also had this tomato and pear appetizer that was superb. The pear was socked in some sort of white liquor I believe. I also like the south-east Asia influences on some of the dishes (fish sauce, a lot of basil and other herbs)

          If I were to find any fault it would be that the pace is really fast so some of the dishes gets cold. They don't really give any explanation of what the dish is either.

          I somehow find the second time to be cheaper than a year ago?! Had 10+ dishes including a few expensive courses like crab and a tiger prawn, It was less than 600hkd pp. One of my fav restaurants for a high quality meal at a reasonable price.

          1. Hey Sockster!

            Can I ask you what changes you did to the menu? I assume you took the menu for 2? Was it more for allergy reasons or you wanted to try other dishes?

            Looking for a new restaurant to try.

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            1. re: Jaetee


              We didn't do the menu for two per the menu. We did a greatest hits menu which was put together for us by Danny via email. He confirmed our reservations, and through a series of emails, we picked what we liked best.

              It was really a wonderful experience with great service and great food. Plus, Danny was incredible to deal with.

              1. re: sockster

                Thanks for letting me know sockster. Going to Principal this trip, maybe I'll go there for a similar menu as yours next time.