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Feb 27, 2014 05:32 PM

James Beard pays homage to NY System

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  1. Thanks for passing on this good news.

    What a terrific honor for the Olneyville New York System. Weenies are such Rhode Island fare, aren’t they. It is so hard to explain their appeal to non-natives. Same with clam cakes and D. Palmieri’s pizza strips. Glad the James Beard Foundation has brought this uniquely Rhode Island food to national attention.

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    1. re: shutterbugRI

      Ugh went to Wien-O-Rama last year (non-native) and seriously thought it was the worst thing I'd ever eaten. My small single bite was held in solely to appease my father in law.

      1. re: brokentelephone

        Been going to Wien-O-Rama about once / month for many years. Never found a better hot dog / weiner elsewhere. Make that two all the way with a medium coffee milk, please...... (Not really a native as I've only been here about 10 yrs)

        Second up for me is probably a tie between Glenwood Drive-in in Hamden CT and Ted's in Phoenix, Az with some enjoyable dogs in north Jersey, but they are all significantly different than a Wein-O-Rama weiner.

        At home, we only have Hummel (when we can find them). Can't duplicate (come near) the Wien-O-Rama weiners, so at home we go traditional, but only with Hummels..

        1. re: Clams047

          Are Hummels great? I've been meaning to try them but unhealthy so have been waiting for a BBQ or something to get them out.