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Maple Syrup.

Although you can't tell by the weather this year, March is the month when the maple tree sap starts to run which means Maple Syrup season will soon be upon us. Besides its use on pancakes, waffles, and french toast, what other uses do you have for Maple Syrup?

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  1. Glazed for roast vegetables, replacing sugar in baked goods, with miso as a glaze for salmon, in coffee,on a peanut or almond butter sandwich, on a spoon in my mouth.

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      I love maple syrup, and a couple of days ago I ran across a jar of maple sugar granules, up in the spice cabinet. I thought it would be a great substitute for the Splenda for my coffee. I really poured it into the mug o' Joe, but the result ----> I could hardly taste it! Too bad. I did not keep adding more granules because I try not to take in endless sugar. I'm back to Splenda after this experiment. Maple syrup or my maple sugar granules are great on ice cream, though!!! If memory serves me correctly, I think we've used maple syryp in a barbeque sauce recipe or 2, years ago.

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        You need to take a look at this cookbook:


        100 maple recipes from Montreal's bad boy chef Martin Picard.

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          His maple caramel is divine! I've topped supernatural brownies with it or simply warmed it and used it as a dip for fresh fruit.

      2. I like to use a 50-50 mixture of that and Lyle's instead of Karo when I'm making a pecan pie. I'm not partial to sweet glazes on much of anything, but I never know when I'll be wanting it for something, so I keep it on hand. Always the B grade. Yes, spoon in mouth once in a while for me, too! Not as often as when I was, oooohh, sixty years younger …

        1. Anchovies and maple syrup on Italian bread ??!!??!!

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            Incredible idea, in two senses of the word.

          2. i make a salad dressing using mustard and maple syrup

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              Also works with grilled shrimp, too. About a 50-50 ratio. Bit of salt/garlic salt & pepper. Garlic powder if that it too much salt.

            2. ON TOP OF BUTTERED CORNBREAD!!!!!

              1. I pour a little maple syrup over greek yogurt and walnuts.
                Sometimes add maple syrup with mustard to salmon.

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                    where do you live? I thought I had missed in. I thought it was feb. I'm western canada zone 8

                  2. I like them with flaming hot Doritos.

                    1. I have a good friend who owns a maple farm (or whatever you call acres of maple trees), and he is of course a big fan of maple syrup. In everything. And I must admit he has converted me...despite its expense I find myself using it whenever a little bit of sweetness is called for. I've been known to put it into all kinds of soups and stews (just a teaspoon or two; adds a nice sweet flavor). And some goes into my vinaigrette recipe. And of course roasted brussel sprouts wouldn't be roasted brussel sprouts without a toss in a little maple syrup before roasting.....Oh, and as a syrup over vanilla ice cream.

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                        They call it a "sugar bush". We are going to use it this year in our mead.

                        1. Poured on top of freshly cooked, hot tuna patties.

                          1. Maple Leaf cocktail -- 2 oz bourbon, 1/2 ounce maple syrup, 1/2 ounce lemon juice. shake with ice and strain into glass.

                            Lotta good sweet and savory maple recipes in "Cooking with Shelburne Farms" cookbook (Viking)

                            Our favorite is Grade B syrup - nice rich flavor.

                            1. My mother would rub it on chicken before roasting/seasoning it. She would also add a dash of it as seasoning to custards and butternut squash.

                              Also works pretty well as a cough suppressant straight up or mixed in hot water.

                              1. As a kid, only thing we had in house was Log Cabin. Once I tasted the REAL DEAL... never even a msec of thought of going back to LC.

                                Obviously used on French toast, pancakes and waffles. Also use it when making candied sweet potatoes... with a generous glug of hot sauce.

                                1. Love it stirred into my homemade yogurt with peanut butter and cinnamon. I usually top it with berries, but it is also a good dip for apples. Also like to make granola with it. As someone else mentioned, use it in a vinaigrette with mustard - great over roasted butternut squash, feta cheese, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and greens.

                                  1. mixed with a touch of lemon juice and cracked pepper and used as a glaze for scallops and/or shrimp.

                                    1. I think the better question to ask would be "what can't you maple syrup in?

                                      1. I don't like anything sweet in savory foods (get those raisins out of my spinach!) but i like it on oatmeal, in my tea, on grapefruit, in plain yogurt, and those maple candies...

                                        1. I noticed you put a period after the words Maple Syrup in the title of your post. Very appropriate, as when you say those two words, you've said it all. :)

                                          1. The best homemade ice creams I've made were made with maple syrup. I don't know if the syrup has any real effect or if I've just gotten lucky but it always comes out smoother and creamier than my attempts with sugar.

                                            1. dip little pig sausages into warm maple syrup

                                              1. on top of yogurt and granola

                                                subbed for some sugar in muffins

                                                baked beans

                                                ice cream

                                                ham glaze

                                                1. Steen's cane is my go to syrup, but grade B on a Cathead Biscuit can be nice for a change up.

                                                  1. Dipping crisp bacon wrapped scallops in Grade B dark amber. Great combo!

                                                    1. I add a little to balsamic vinaigrette, great on greens with goat's cheese. I recently had a curried maple butternut squash soup that was fabulous.