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Nov 28, 2001 03:44 PM

Peking Duck - Where?

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Can anyone suggest a Montreal location for Peking Duck. My wife and son love it, and I'm sure there's several places in Chinatown, but I have no idea where to start. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    Warren Prince

    Welp, we decided to go to Chinatown and drive around looking for a restaurant with ducks hanging in the window. We ended up at Hong Kong. The waiter was surprised we wanted Peking Duck, indicating that most Montrealers want roasted duck. We assured him we wanted the pancakes etc. We also ordered soup. My son and wife shared a bowl of duck soup with egg noodles that they indicated was the best they've ever had. I had ordered soup with beef flank steak, but once again, our waiter indicated that most Canadians prefer the regular beef soup as the flank soup is very fatty. This time I took his advise and was not disappointed. The broth was very rich and the beef tender.

    My wife and son shared the Peking Duck. Here, they indicated that the duck was good, but not great. They felt the duck could have been cut to better accomodate rolling in the pancakes, and they found the Peking sauce to be a little weak... just a tad. On the other hand, they said the chopped duck mixed with the vegtables (2nd course of Peking Duck) was once again one of the best they've had.

    I ordered lobster in ginger and scallions. The portion was huge, considering that I had just finished a bowl of soup by myself. While the chunks of ginger were thick, and more than I would like to eat, the sauce itself was not overwhelming and I found I could taste the lobster, which was reasonably tender and not over cooked.

    All in all, we were satisfied with our find, but would still welcome other suggestions.