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Feb 27, 2014 04:49 PM

Best everything in Sherman Oaks?

Best sushi, best pizza, best cheap eats, best indian, best persian, best fried chicken, best delivery food, best dessert... what's good?

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  1. Best Persian is Sadaf Restaurant.

    1. Well, not sure about best but here are some decent spots:

      Boneyard Bistro for decent BBQ and a great beer list. I believe they also do a fried chicken night.

      Mistral for higher end dining.

      House of Taka and Nomura both have respectable sushi.

      Barone's probably has the best pizza (Valley Glen)

      Tacos San Marzano for tacos

      Bills burgers for a good, old-school burger served up by a saucy, cool old timer. M-F only.

      I prefer Carnival of all of the lebanese/middle eastern places in the area.

      People seem to like Bamboo Forrest for Chinese.

      A Studio City/Sherman Oaks thread has recently been revived and you'll find a lot of other recs there.

      Good luck.

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        Just tried Bills (Bill and Hirikos) and was VERY impressed. The burgers were perhaps my favorite in the entire valley. But closed on weekends so my husband never gets to try them!!!

      2. Falafel Fridays at California Pita on Ventura Blvd. just west of Van Nuys. $1.99 for a falafel. Usually order two of them, makes for a nice tasty and filling lunch.

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        1. re: prawn

          Simons cafe.

          And if you are treating.

          I'm down for tomorrow.

        2. Love the burgers and fries at Blue Dog Tavern, behind Whole Foods, on Saugus. Great beers too.

          1. some of these are slightly outside of sherman oaks (van nuys & encino)... i added another section below for places even a touch further away...

            sadaf - juicy chicken plate

            green village chinese - (delivery or eat in) fish in wine sauce with wood ear mushrooms, xiao long boa dumplings, sautéed soy green bean noodles etc...

            ay papa que rico - smoked/grilled chicken, cuban sandwiches, good pastries, really nice people


            pura sabor - great peruvian

            mercado buenos aires - empanadas are amazing (corn and beef especially), chorizo, chimichurri are also very good… we always pick stuff up from the deli counter for bbq’s. never actually eaten here...

            el taco llama - tacos

            emilios - chopped salad

            mendocino farms - sandwiches

            blue dog tavern -

            local peasant -

            some other semi-local faves outside of sherman oaks that are worth knowing about if you're new to the area:

            swan restaurant - north hollywood

            brent’s deli - northridge

            black market - gastro pub esque -

            las fuentes -

            two fave local-ish sushi spots (both pricey and neither in sherman oaks):



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            1. re: goldpackage

              adding ramen by omae... finally had a chance to try it today. completely worth it and great neighborhood option. no desire to dive headlong into the ramen wars discussion but absolutely a worthwhile spot for you to try.


              1. re: goldpackage

                Agree wholeheartedly. Maybe next time I go I'll finally try the ramen burger

                1. re: goldpackage

                  I've had it four or five times and I love it! I just wish the space was slightly bigger.

                2. re: goldpackage

                  Blue Dog is most definitely in Sherman Oaks.

                  1. re: medrite

                    Yep. Was just there last night..... Love that summit burger with garlic fries. And my kids like it too. Service was excellent.

                  2. re: goldpackage

                    Love all of these recs. How about local-ish less pricey sushi spots or even take-out or delivery sushi spots? I know Farm Boy and definitely love it - but would love a few more options!

                    1. re: goldpackage

                      oops. I linked to the wrong el taco llama.. this is the one I meant: