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Feb 27, 2014 04:41 PM

Miller's Guild

Any opinions? It's convenient to a Saturday night show I'm going to, but never heard of it until I saw it on Google maps.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Awesome. If you love steak and anything cooked well over an open flame this is the place. We ordered pretty much everything. All was outstanding. Must get the short rib and Brussels. Even dessert was good. Go with a crowd and share. Drinks top notch. Dang i want to go back now.

      1. I have not been yet, but it is on the short list for sure! I have heard nothing but raves from all of my foodie friends.

        1. Went last night. The highs were high and the rest was sort of average, which is too bad, because for the price you're paying, it should all be great.

          I would go again, but probably not on my own dime.