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Feb 27, 2014 04:32 PM

Dinner near Hilton Orlando

I will be staying for several nights at the Hilton near the convention center. Looking for dinner spots nearby-prefer no chains,with good wine lists and moderately priced. It does not seem that walking anywhere is an option so short cab ride away would do as well.
thanks in advance

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  1. Cafe Tu Tu Tango - Fun Tapas, not serious eats but very enjoyable.

    Norman's at The Ritz - very nice, semi dressy. Florribean cuisine from Norman Van Aken

    Le Rouge - Tapas and Wine Bar. I've heard mixed reviews when they first open. I went once and it was good a while ago. Worth a shot.

    Saffron Indian Cuisine - It has a upscale feel to it I believe they serve beer and wine.

    Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine - Delicious

    The Pharmacy - opens at 5pm I think. Cocktails, wine beer, and food. Haven't been but the people I know that have loved it. Small so beware peak times on Friday and Saturday.

    Ceadars Lebanese Cuisine

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      Hi Sista!
      Norman's at the Ritz is lovely.
      Millers Ale house for casual.

    2. Taverna Opa -- wine list is a Greek focus, but they have a selection of others. Certainly not a wine afficianado haven, but a fun place to go for Greek food...a lot of fun.

      1. I agree Normans is excellent but not moderately priced. La Luce at the Hilton Bonnet Creek is excellent it is about a 15 min drive. A land remembered at the Rosen Shingle Creek is very close, an excellent steak house but also on the expensive side.

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          Your right, I missed the moderately priced part. :P