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Feb 27, 2014 02:59 PM

southern italy suggestions

will be traveling to Positano,Amalfi, Sorrento and Naples with daytrip to Capri and Pompeii, anyone have suggestions for restaurants they like in any of these places??looking for few high end special places and also will have 3 teenages with us so also places that you enjoyed. Thank you in advance.

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  1. In Capri you can have an easy beach day with teenagers at the beach club, Bagni Tibero. My favorite place in all of the Amalfi Coast is Da Adolfo, a rustic beach restaurant that you reach by boat from Positano.

    For high end I recommend La Sponda at the Sirenuse in Positano and the elegant Il Riccio in Capri has an entire room just for dessert!

    1. Positano: Alici (if available) or any seafood at Da Vincenzo

      Sorrento: Inn Bufalito for very fresh buffalo mozzarella, I had the best mozzarella of all my years living in Italy at this place. That being said, I haven't been to many restaurants in Sorrento and the key to good mozz is freshness, so that could be true elsewhere.

      Naples: Pizza pizza. Da Michele, Sorbillo, Pizzeria del Presidente, everyone has an opinion which is the best.

      1. By the number of places you plan on visiting, I hope you are planning on being there at least a week!

        A second vote for Da Adolfo - fantastic food, so relaxing and the teenagers should enjoy exploring the rocks and the water.

        We always enjoy a very civilized aperitivo at sunset on the terrace at Hotel Il San Pietro just outside of Positano for one of our high-end evenings.

        We also love dinner at Le Tre Sorelle, right on the beach in Positano. Great for people watching and a great selection of food - from pizza to fantastic grilled seafood.

        Assuming you have a smart phone (or at least the teenagers do), I can highly recommend the Amalfi Coast Travel Essentials app. It has great suggestions for eating, drinking, shopping, transportation, etc., for Positano, Amalfi and Capri.

        1. thank you for the suggestions, I will certainly let you know what we end up doing when we get back. Has anyone heard of La Tagliata in Positano and can we make reservations when we arrive in Positano or do you have to make reservations ahead of time? (We leave next week).

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            My friend Annie (who organizes tours on the Amalfi coast LOVES La Tagliata. It is known for it's grilled meat specialities. It is high above Positano in the town of Montepertuso, with incredible views. You can book a table online!


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              I have been to La Tagliata, it is touristy and not the best food you'll ever eat, but a fun and affordable experience nonetheless and the views are unbeatable. We have some lovely pictures that we took right from our table. You can even see the island of Capri from the dining room in the distance, the view is that clear and you're that high up. The service is also quite good, all food served family style by the family that runs it, so you do feel at home.

              The food is reliable and fresh - grilled meats, decent homemade pastas, and a grand assortment of various antipasti served with house wine. Limoncello and dessert as well, though I don't remember anything about it. All varies depending on what they have in season.

              You can call them when you get to Positano, tell them where you are staying and they will come pick you up and take you back at the end of the night.

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                Il Ritrovo is up there too in Montepertuso - do you think one is better than the other? Hard to imagine a non-touristy restaurant in the Positano area!

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                  I haven't been to Il Ritrovo so I can't say. By "touristy" I mean that at La Tagliata you risk being in a room full of Americans. The prix fixe menu and low price has definitely attracted the crowds. The Amalfi Coast is so beautiful that it's still an enjoyable experience regardless.

            2. I have one other question- I am trying to pack light and was wondering if a nice button down collared shirt with dress pants would be presentable at these restaurants or do I need to bring a jacket and tie?

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                If you have to wear a jacket and tie in a restaurant in Italy, you shouldn't go to that restaurant because it will be all show and no substance (with regard to food and wine).

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                  Button-down shirt and dress pants will be fine. That is exactly what my friend who lives on the Amalfi Coast wore when he met us for drinks at Hotel Il San Pietro - one of the fanciest places on the AC!