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Feb 27, 2014 01:22 PM

Mardi Gras Eating

So my wife and I are heading down to NOLA on Saturday afternoon and staying til Wednesday. This will be my 5th trip there but my 1st Mardi Gras, and so I'm wondering if folks here have any tips for Mardi Gras eating.

I don't have any reservations, so I imagine that eating at most of the city's better restaurants is out. Although I have heard that many places experience a high no-show rate during MG. Any advice about who might be most likely to have openings, and how to take advantage of this?

Also looking for tips for a good, quick meal while I'm on the go. Planning on hitting up Cochon Butcher a few times, maybe Cafe Reconcile.

I'll probably be spending most of time Uptown, but would be happy to have tips from all over the city as we'll have a car.

Places I've been to in the past include:

Commander's (jazz brunch, would love to go for lunch but it's booked)
Herbsaint (loved it)
Borgne (loved the oyster BLT)
August (liked it, but felt a bit overpriced/overhyped)
Patois (great food)
Green Goddess
Mr. B's Bistro
Drago's in Metarie (chargrilled oysters were awesome)


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  1. Mandina's, Katie's, Beach Corner and Dante's Kitchen. I have no idea what the hours are during Mardi Gras. I am too old to enjoy parading! Ha.