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Feb 27, 2014 01:16 PM

Hi folks. I'm new to special diets, will be keeping my eye out for low fat.

Hi everyone. I recognize a lot of you from other boards, but I'm new to this one after having my gallbladder liberated from my body. I've never really given low fat much thought, obviously ;) but look forward to learning some things here.
If anyone can advise me on excellent low fat cookbooks or recipes, please so advise. Sodium, etc, not an issue.

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  1. Hi and welcome, alliegator! Hope you are mending well. My coworker, only 35, just had the same surgery. Everyone's post-surgery dietary needs will differ, but I do know her doctor urged her to eat small "meals" throughout the day, each including a lean protein and a veg (esp chicken and fish, but not raw veggies)....she also was told "no caffeine" and but b/c she has a preexisting arrhythmia, she was drinking negligible amounts to begin with. She also subbed out dairy for non-dairy milks/yogurts, etc.

    She likes "The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet" works for her; don't know if it's suitable for you, but she swears by it.

    1. Thanks for the welcome Pinehurst! My limitations are pretty much the same for now, as my health is strong aside from the pancreatitis (treated in the hospital) that resulted from me treating my gallstones as heartburn. I'm 38, and my mom had this at 45. Weird stuff. The book you suggested looks good. Thanks so much for the rec :)
      Luckily I love fish and plenty of herbs, so I hope to adapt fairly well.
      I'll keep checking back and visit this board on the regular!

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        Okay, OT your original query, forgive uncle (who lived to 90) had a horrific bout of pancreatitis and gallstones (not gallbladder removal) in his early 80's. What helped him immensely was incorporating lots of garlic into his diet. My uncle was a Polish immigrant married to my very Italian aunt, so she had plenty of ideas (including a raw clove everyday).

        This may be extreme for you, but it really seemed to aid his health. Again, go with what you can tolerate, listen to your body and your docs...but garlic worked. Sorry, TMI, but your mention of pancreatitis was a trigger.

        Heal well, alliegator--many good decades are ahead.

        1. re: pinehurst

          Wow, lots in common for me and the people you mention. My Czech immigrant grandfather lives with me, so I know my way around garlic. It's a great idea to try. And never TMI. I was shocked that this all happened, so any info from outside the hospital is more than welcome :)
          Tonight, I'm making an herb roasted chicken recipe I found on a paleo website, and I hope it will be good.
          At first I was discouraged by the revised diet, but I get to keep my favorite things which are spices. If anyone had asked "fat, calories, and spice, which would you keep?" spice would win every time. I'm currently going through Thompson's Thai Food and finding many of those recipes will work.
          And yup, many decades. Grateful it was not my heart or anything like that :)
          Thanks again for your help.

      2. I have a family member that had her gallbladder removed a few years ago. She expected real problems with fats but actually, she doesn't experience anything different!

        Her gallbladder disease had been present in her early 20's and was failing for years. It was such a relief to get it out!

        She has had multiple GI problems since birth (for many genetic reasons and disease, not lifestyle) and she greatly benefits now by lower to moderate carb (100 to 150 a day) moderate healthy fats, probiotics *galore*, and eating 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner) for plenty of time to digest in between meals. Lots of liquids during the day keep things moving :)

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          +1 for probiotics! Although i have no direct experience with your situation i eat tons of probiotics and take a supplement, and my sister who has had ibs and various gastrointestinal issues has also had improvement with probiotics. Miso, sourkraut, kim chee, kefeir, kombucha, etc... As well as a probiotic supp i buy from the refridgerated case at the health food store

        2. Alliegator, I am clueless about post gallbladder surgery diets, but if you are looking for low fat recipes, you may want to look at Great Good Foods by Julee Rosso (1/2 of the Silver Palate team). You can find it on Amazon for under $5.

          She wrote it in the 90s, when low fat diets were considered the ideal means of weight loss. It has a lot of good recipes.

          1. Thanks, sedimental and masha. The book looks like a good one, and the google searches are always good. I plan to place a big ol' amazon order later this week.
            So far, so good. I made an herb roasted chicken last night and didn't feel I was missing a thing.
            And I learned a big lesson: working out, not smoking, and looking like the picture of health is nothing stacked up against genetics.
            Going for a turkey burger rec from home cooking tonight.