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Feb 27, 2014 12:49 PM

Isla Mujeres Eats

Anyone been to Isla Mujeres recently (last post I could find was from 2011/2012)? Looking for some restaurant recs. Will be there next week and will be eating out exclusively. Love all types of cuisine, but especially excited to sample the local fare. All price ranges fine. Thank you!

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  1. Ha! We'll be there next week too! I posted a while back asking for anything new and had no responses. So I'm going to just go by the old recs and see if anything has changed. Hollyeats hasn't updated this year, so nothing really new there. Our first stop - Sunday morning cochinita pibil from the mercado in La Gloria! That, some fresh tortillas and a bag of fresh fruit makes the best lunch ever.

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      Nyleve, let me know where you end up going...we aren't coming until Wednesday, so maybe you will have found some great places by then! :)

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        First night we went to Monchi's, which is very near where we're staying, mid-island. Just went for simple tacos, some guacamole and queso fundido. The margaritas were good-ish, but the rest of the food was utterly forgettable and way overpriced. Could have had much better at half the price at any of the less gringo-beloved places around Isla.

        Lunch the next day was the disgustingly delicious cochinita pibil from the market in La Gloria, with fresh tortillas and all the fixings at our rental. And last night we went into Centro to catch some of the carnaval festivities - ate great tacos from one of the vendors set up in the square, perfect churros from another vendor and for dessert, paletas from the place on the corner overlooking the basketball court (or whatever it is) in the main square. Mine was chili mango.

        Lunch today was ticinxic (achiote-marinated grilled fish) on the beach at Playa Lancheros. Watched the drunk day trippers come in from Cancun. Fish for 4, with beers and soft drinks and guacamole and ceviche worked out to about $13 per person. And it was great.

        Not sure what's on for dinner tonight but I'm hoping to try out La Bruja in Colonia La Gloria - it's supposed to have great authentic Mexican. Will let you know.

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          I like a person who eats dessert *after* churros. Two thumbs up for Nyleve!


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            Well yes, of course, you need a nice refreshing paleta after the churros! Everyone knows that.

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            Thank you so much Nyleve! What was the name of the fish place on Playa Lancheros, that sounds cool! We are at the Green Verde last night based on reviews but found it was ok, not great. Trying to plan our meals for the rest of the week now! Hope you are having a fabulous time!

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              Basically you just go to Playa Lancheros and walk straight ahead through the covered patio - that's the restaurant. I can't remember the name but it has tables right out onto the sand and specializes in ticinxic (ugh I can never remember how to spell it). This is fish that's marinated in achiote seasoning and then grilled over a wood fire. As you walk from the road, you'll see the grilling shack on your left. There are 2 choices for that fish - regular and "special". I asked which was better and the waitress said the regular, so that's what we got. It was delicious. It's served with rice and some cabbage salad and tortillas and salsas. We also had ceviche, which was very good and I think guacamole. It's dirt cheap. There are other things I the menu also, but this is the place for ticinxic. I should add that there is another restaurant to the left of this on along th beach - it's a buffet place and that where the day-trippers from Cancun go. Do. Not. Go. There. You will be swarmed by inebriated idiots.

              Stayed in for dinner last night with takeout tacos but will be going out tonight...don't know where yet!

              Have fun!

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                We ate at Playa Lancheros for lunch during the crazy storm yesterday...despite having to move twice due to rain wind and flooding, we had a great time. Ceviche was seriously some of the best we have ever had and fish was delicious! GREAT suggestion.

                Had a very good meal at Lola Valentina on Hidalgo Street last night. Great atmosphere and service. Fresh fruit margaritas were delicious and 2 for $10. Guacamole with bacon and goat cheese was great (why have I never thought to put bacon in guacamole before??) and the stuffed jalapeƱo and curried shrimp empanadas apps were both very good. Both the snapper and the seabass entrees were excellent. The spicy coconut shrimp curry was good but a little too sweet for our taste. Dessert was awesome: peanut butter and jelly empanadas and dark chocolate empanadas. Yum!

                Nyleve, are you staying at Villa Rolandi? We are at a Casa just near there...thanks again so much for your suggestions, they have been so helpful!

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                  Glad to share! This is so funny, isn't it? We're staying in a house in Colonia Meterologica - just near the Mango Cafe. Love the area, very neighbourhoody with kids and dogs and people fixing cars in their yard.

                  Had dinner last night at Velazquez - the last fish restaurant on the strip up from the ferry terminal. It was good-ish, and cheap. But if I were looking for that kind of place again I think I'd try Mininos next door. Velazquez has slipped a bit, I think. Breakfast this morning at Alexy y Giovanni's at the mercado in Centro. Very good - dirt cheap. Fresh OJ, good eggs, fresh tortillas. For lunch I picked up a pound of carnitas from La Nueva Esperanca which is an absolute hole in the wall just up from Chedraui, on a side street. You turn in where the Yamaha dealer is - it's just behind it. Absolutely delicious.

                  Tonight maybe tacos in La Gloria.

                  Glad you're having a good time. This is just such a good little island for eating.

      2. Ok, La Bruja was just ok, food wise but the people are so friendly that it made all the difference. We mostly had shrimp things and a mixed seafood ceviche (which tasted good but I was unnerved because I couldn't identify the mixed bits I was eating). I'm not sure I would go back, to be honest.

        But tonight we had a really good meal at La Lomita on a small street toward the south end of Centro. We shared a really really good fish ceviche, and then most of us had chiles rellenos -mine was filled with cheese and others had pork or chicken. It was absolutely delicious. We were served a gratis bowl of black bean soup before the main, which was a nice touch. The owner is hilarious. And they have, hands-down the hottest habanero salsa I have ever eaten. It almost brought my son, who can eat just about anything, to his knees. This is still a great little place and dirt cheap.

        1. Dinner tonight was really good. Bastos Grill in La Gloria is definitely worth the cab fare - meal was excellent and really inexpensive. We all had shrimp - husband and son had shrimp brochetas and I had camarones con ajillo ( garlic and chilies) and it was the best shrimp I've had here. Veggies we're ACTUAL steamed fresh vegetables and it was served with pasta (which I was dubious about but turned out to be really good). Son and husband had sopa de Lima which was the best version we've had on Isla. With beers, came to less than 600 pesos. To find this place, get to the Super Express (supermarket) in Colonia La Gloria and Bastos Grill is about a half block down from there on the street beside it. Definitely recommended.

          Heading home tomorrow - sniff. Have a great time and post any of your finds. We will be back.

          1. We're home now. Sniff. Waiting for my lost luggage to be delivered - which contains a block each of achiote paste and some kind of herb mixture for steak and chicken. Glad I didn't pack the leftover Mexican crema - we'd have to throw it out by today.

            Enjoy the rest of your vacation and please let us know if you find any other gems.

            1. These are great reccommendations- headed out on Monday, did you find anymore places?