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Feb 27, 2014 12:02 PM

SGWM seeking Romantic MKE Restaurant for proposing to partner

Hello all,

Going to be in Milwaukee 10-23/14-10/27/14 and looking for a nice romantic restaurant where I can propose to my partner....or in the alternative, some other romantic spot.

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hi, What is SGWM? Is that an acronym for a food restriction or preference (such as VO = Vegetarian Organic, GF = gluten Free)?

    Also, if you could provide even just a little bit of information you may receive helpful responses..

    What kind of cuisine do you like?

    Where will you be staying and how far are you willing to travel?

    Will you have transportation?

    Are you looking for something lively or quiet?

    Is there a kind of food you dislike?

    What is your budget?

    Would you consider something in the 'burbs or does it have to be right in Milwaukee?

    Are you looking for cuisine that is unique to the city/region?


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    1. re: Fowler

      >> What is SGWM?

      SGWM = single gay white male

      FWIW, a quick internet search tells me that three Milwaukee neighborhoods are most frequently cited as having a strong LGBT presence, which may be a plus for your purposes: Bay View (home of Pastiche, see my other reply); Walker's Point (home of Crazy Water, which has excellent food but strikes me as a bit bar-like); and the Third Ward (home of Hinterland, which is an upscale restaurant that could be considered romantic). All three of these are just south of downtown Milwaukee.

      1. re: nsxtasy

        Hi nsxtasy,

        Thanks for the definition of SGWM. That helps because someone who is a single gay white male *MAY* think a place like Lake Park Bistro is too conservative even though it is generally considered a romantic restaurant. They would absolutely still get good service there but it is not like somewhere such as the Iron Horse that has a more hip vibe with fashionable gay patrons.

        But those are examples of why we need more info.

    2. Good response from Fowler.

      Different people have different concepts of romantic. For some, a high-end restaurant (such as Sanford or Lake Park Bistro) would fit the bill, in part because of its high level of service more so than the food. But some folks might think such places to be too fancy or too distracting.

      I think Pastiche may be the most romantic restaurant I've been to in Milwaukee. It's in the Bay View neighborhood a few miles south of downtown. The neighborhood itself looks rather unassuming, but the restaurant is a very neighborhood-y bistro, very cozy and intimate and friendly yet still casual. It serves excellent French cuisine and they also have a nice selection of wines.

      Le Reve, which is in the town of Wauwatosa ('tosa to locals), is another possibility. I've only been there during the day, when it is basically just a café and bakery. But in the evenings they have a full dinner menu (French cuisine) and I can see how it too would be romantic.

      So those are just a few ideas. With the answers to Fowler's questions, you'll probably generate more possibilities that will be tailored to your needs.

      One more thing to consider. Wherever you're thinking of going, you might discuss your proposed proposal :) with the restaurant. They may have some ideas about how to go about it and how they might assist - such as presenting a ring as the centerpiece of a food dish, just to cite one possibility.

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        wow planning 8 months out?

        "you might discuss your proposed proposal :) with the restaurant."

        great idea, anybody who doesn't have a turd for a heart would be thrilled to be in on the event in some way (or at least know to hold off discreetly during the proposal until a pre-arranged gesture is made that he accepted) cheers!

        1. re: nsxtasy

          The food at La Reve is quite good, but it can be very loud in there if there is any kind of crowd at all. I would suggest Jacque's Cafe, 1022 S 1st St. That is near the Walker's Point area. While the area does have a lot of gay-friendly businesses nearby, I recommend it because the food is excellent, the atmosphere is sophisticated yet comfortable, reasonably quiet, and can be quite romantic. The weather is touch & go that late in October, but if luck is with us, the outdoor wine garden will still be open.

        2. Milwaukee has an awesome LGBT community. Might I suggest that you visit the web site and ask them? I am sure that suggestions and help will be offered.

          Many years (20) ago a friend was debating coming "out". A person on the staff of the org was a co-worker, I passed phone numbers, the support that was given to my friend was amazing. I am sure that a call currently will give many options and suggestions.

            1. re: Fowler

              October 2014 hasnt happened yet.

              1. re: Fydeaux

                Smart ass. I will rephrase the question: cruisingmickey, after reading the replies where do you think you will end up dining?

            2. Hi Cruisingmickey, I'm a SGWM who visits MKE several times a year. Hinterland has very good food and service, is in an urban neighborhood with a contemporary vibe, and is beautifully lit at night. However, for a truly romantic place for a proposal I would recommend Blu, the 23rd floor bar/lounge at the Pfister Hotel. I would make arrangements to get a table by the window overlooking Lake Michigan. Get there a little before dusk, watch the sun go down, see the changing colors reflected in the water - yeah.