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Nov 25, 2001 08:23 PM


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My husband and I will be in Montreal for our wedding anniversary. We are planning to go to Toque for one meal but looking for something less formal and maybe kind of funky for the other night. Is there anything new and hip we should know about?

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    Warren Prince

    What do you consider "funky" as a restaurant? Are you referring to atmosphere or food? If you're looking for something different in the food line, try Che Chai, a vegetarian Thai restaurant where they do an excellent job substituting vegetarian products for meat. My wife had the duck yesterday and raved about it. I had the Pad Thai and thought it was great. Now, I can't take hot (spicy) food, and this rendition of Pad Thai wasn't hot, so much to my enjoyment. My wife's duck was spicy, just the way she likes it.

    If you'd enjoy a cozy, off the beaten path spot, try the Bistro Gourmet on St. Mathieu. They offer a very good value for rather well prepared food. I had calves liver there the other night, in a balsamic sauce that was great, and my wife believes they have the best mussels in town...

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      Warren Prince

      Sorry, that's Chu Chai not Che Chai

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        I was referring to atmoshere but the Thai place sounds good.

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          I agree the food at ChuCHai is pretty damn good but the atmosphere is pretty dull. I'd say one of those places on mid St. Laurent above Chinatown might be more in line like Red Thai, or Globe. That is only if you're looking for more of a trendy atmosphere.