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Feb 27, 2014 10:54 AM

Brewery or Distillery tours near French Quarters

Heading to NO for a birthday with a few friends at the end of March. Would love to do some brewery or distillery tours. I was just checking out Abita and it looks to be about a 50 minute ride from the French Quarters. Worth the trip? Anything we should check out that's closer?

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  1. New Orleans Rum is now near the Old Mint, walkable from the FQ. I took the tour when they were in their old spot near I-10 and Elysian Fields and it was very good. Also made me a customer of Cajun Spiced Rum.

    The Abita tour is Ok as it gets you out of the city. Lunch at the brewpub is OK and they usually have limited production stuff tapped there, sometimes some cask conditioned. A few miles from there is another small brewery in Covington that does tours. And there are some great lunch choices in Covington/Mandeville, including another brew pub in Mandeville.

    But you will burn most of a day on such a trip.

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      Sounds like sticking to the New Orleans Rum distillery and staying nearby the FQ is the way to go.

      I couldn't figure out if they are open on Saturdays looks like they are, but their ticket purchasing site doesn't show Saturday dates. I'll have to call.

      Thanks for the advice.

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        I'm going to be in Covington for Easter. Plan on visiting Abita. What are your good lunch choices?

        1. re: rHairing

          Casual as sandwich and plates, or table cloth?

      2. NOLA Brewery offers tours. Short cab ride from Quarter.

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          Awesome. Shot them an email...they have a tour on the 28th but we don't get in til late afternoon. Hopefully they have one on the 29th too. Thanks.

          1. re: cincodemayo1

            I believe they only do tours on Fridays. The taproom should be open on Saturday though,

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              Yup, you're right. Just heard back. Was hoping to do a tour but looks like we may miss them. May just have to bounce around sampling the different taprooms.

        2. Atelier Vie in Mid-City is worth a cab ride. They have free tours on the weekends and make a variety of liquors you can sample while visiting.