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Ordering a King Cake

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Last year I ordered a Baker Maid Zulu Coconut Creme filled King Cake from Southern Candy Makers. We enjoyed the texture of the cake, as well as the filling. The black and gold colored sugar ran together into an ugly green, but it was okay. However, the cake had a very mass-produced feeling and taste. I remember Baker Maid products being sold in the old Canal Street departments stores from twenty-five years ago, when I was an undergrad student at Xavier.

I am from and currently live in Los Angeles, but my family is from Southeast Louisiana, and I remember my grandmother shipping us a box full of the real, glass Mardi-Gras beads when I was a child. I want my sons to grow up with some special Madi-Gras memories so that their culture is not completely forgotten here on the Left Coast. With that said, I remember that my all-time favorite King Cake was the cream cheese-filled one from Lawrence’s Bakery (AKA Mr. Wedding Cake) on Elysian Fields. I understand that bakery no longer exists, but is there anything comparable for mail order?

I’m sure my best bet is probably Haydel’s or Gambino’s, but their cakes seem awfully expensive for something that isjust okay. I’m just throwing this inquiry out to see if I receive any responses. Thanks for your time, and Happy Mardi-Gras.

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  1. Bittersweet Confections cakes are really good, Randazzo's are too. I like the box-mix Mam Papaul's best.