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Feb 27, 2014 10:07 AM

Saturday Lunch?Brunch

Where should I take my mom this Saturday in the Georgetown/Round Rock area?

We've done Jack Allens & The Hollow already.

Looking for lunch/brunch around 12:30

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  1. haven't been yet but friends rave about greenhouse craft food in RR:

    they have saturday brunch.
    and bacon dumplings.

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    1. re: dinaofdoom

      Completely enjoyed the

      Big Pig Sandwich
      Braised pork butt, house-made pickles, smoked
      onions, slaw, chipotle cider aioli $8

      at greenhouse craft food. More meat than the Noble Pig.

      If you approach from I-35, it's easy to drive past it. It's in a small shopping center *before* the light.

      Also, if you like sweet potato fries, they do have excellent sweet potato fries. Crisp and delicious.

      1. re: sweet100s

        I have enjoyed everything I have had at Greenhouse. My favorite is their BLT with the fried egg on it. Close second is the biscuits and gravy. I'd like to note they have the creamy spicy jalapeno salsa for their breakfast tacos.

        The main store by their driveway is called Safari Champs, so look for that and Greenhouse is in the middle of the back row of stores. The owner/chef is super nice and usually comes by to say hi and check in on the tables.

    2. I haven't been there but a local food writer recommended El Monumento today during an NPR piece about outdoor dining. It's part of the Monument Café operation in Georgetown and there is a patio that overlooks the San Gabriel River.

      1. Can't speak to El Monumento but Monument Cafe has really good brunch but the place is a mad house that time of day on Sunday. Expect to wait at least a half hour.

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        1. re: Rptrane

          she's looking for saturday, but maybe it's busy both days at that time?

          1. re: dinaofdoom

            Saturday will be better than Sunday. Always busy though

          2. re: Rptrane

            I had the pork cheeks with fried parsley at el monumento back soon after it quite enjoyed it.

          3. monument
            gumbos( is it still open?)

            1. where did you end up, and how was it?

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              1. re: dinaofdoom

                We ending up going to Zed's which we love because our appt. ran long.

                The chef is working on adding some spring items to the menu and changing the crab cake which was really tasty to crab croquets which are easier to share. They were great!

                1. re: amykragan

                  i really should check that place out. i'm just usually not over in that direction.

                  1. re: dinaofdoom

                    the setting is so nice. just love hearing the babbling water features while I dine oustide