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Nov 17, 2001 12:12 PM

Where can I find the best smoked meat sandwich in Montreal?

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I've been out of the country for a while and have lost touch.

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  1. I've had Shwartz's and the Main and I'd give the Nod to Shwartz's. I think these are two of the only places that smoke their own. Ben's lays on the nostalgic atmosphere a bit more from what I hear but the meat is done elsewhere.

    Enjoy and please let us know what you find.


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    1. re: iron frank

      no question schwartz is the place...ask for extra fat. Their charcoal grilled rib steaks and double fried french fries are also classics. made in house, the smoked meat is an organaleptic dream combined with a black cherry soda....I am salivating as we speak!

      1. re: scott

        schwartz's is the best traditional style smoked meat ( a little dry, crumbly- kinda like n.y. style, think Katz's deli, or 2nd ave. deli) but lester's on bernard street is another montreal deli great (also snowdon deli on decarie blvd). i'm looking at schwartz's right now, as i work across the street, and like their meat the best, but lester's is nice for a softer, thinner type of sandwich. truth be told, montreal smoked meat ain't what it used to be...still good though

        1. re: enoch
          Keith Ninesling

          Can someone tell me whatever happened to Dunn's Delicatessen on St. Catherine? I read on a website that it is now defunct. I have posted a message similar to this elsewhere on this site but figured I'd get a better chance of a reply if I repeated myself.

          When did it close? And why? The last time I ate there in the Fall of 1997 it was doing its usual good business.

          Dunn's was the place where I ate smoked meat for the first time, in 1986. Although there are better places for viande fume in the city, Dunn's nonetheless was a major Montreal institution for me...

          1. re: Keith Ninesling
            lorenzo simard

            I don't know if they have the same owners but there is a new Dunn's right next to phillips square.I believed they opened about a year ago.

    2. Pretty hard to get a bad smoked meat san a Montreal, but I agree, Ben's is the place, Peel & Sherbrooke(?) for the best kind. It's a good sandwich, but it's the rough & ready, 'Look, Mac, you speak Anglais, je parle Francais, and we'll get along' attitude of the waiter, that you don't get at the Metro in Calgary.

      1. In the interest of offering the greatest number of options, I would suggest Brisket's. Several shops in town, one on Beaver Hall Hill, south of Belmont (across the street from Bell Canada head office). Apples and oranges when compared to Schwartz's, but worth a try.

        1. schwartz's
          the fries are home made too.and real good.
          and-you can get change back from your 10(C)

          1. There exists only one authentic joint for THE "Perfect Montreal Somked Meat Sandwich, French Fries, Dills, Drinks, etc. in the Island Of Montreal. Everything else
            pales by comparison. But tell them " Billy Legal" sent
            me, and have Billy G cut the sandwich. Eat, and come back to tell me about it. Now repeat--T H E B E S T!

            LESTER's DELI
            1051 A Bernard Street, West
            Outremont/ Montreal, Canada