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Feb 27, 2014 08:36 AM

chinese food near Vaughn Mills

Hi all, my dad is coming in from NB and loves Chinese food. I never eat it, so I need some tips on where the best is? we'll be shopping at Vaughn mills, so bonus points for something near there. thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. Is he looking Canadian Chinese food?

    1. Szechuan Szechuan is the best Chinese Food in Vaughan and it's right in the mall @ Vaughan Mills.

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      1. re: kwass

        I was thinking of this exact restaurant but wasn't too sure if it's too authentic for someone looking for Canadian Chinese. My co-workers downtown Toronto find the First Canadian Place version too authentic for them and prefer the food court Chinese food :) Chicken balls and fried rice.

        1. re: Nevy

          That's the only place I order from when in Vaughan. I love it and the menu's so broad that there's something for every taste.

      2. For the best authentic Chinese in the area, you have Peaktop Chinese Cuisine in the Vaughan Mills plaza. It's a bit pricier though. The food court might have one or two Canadian Chinese options.

        For something in between, there's Cantonese Wok at 8633 Weston Road, just north of Langstaff. It's a mom and pop place and it's not bad, depending on what you order.

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          I second Peaktop. We were there on Saturday night and had Peking Duck, bbq duck heart and liver, steamed pea shoot leaves, boy choy and mushrooms, soy chicken, and some other things I'm not remembering at the moment, and everything was delicious.

        2. There is Choice of the Orient at 7766 Martin Grove Road. It's probably about 10-15 minute drive from the mall depending on traffic. It's Canadian Chinese.

          1. Asian Legend opened on the west side of Don Mills north of Eglinton and south of the Shops at Don Mills. I have been to their location on Yonge north of Sheppard and it is very good food. In between authentic and "Canadian" I would say and expertly prepared.

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            1. re: plasticguy

              But that's nowhere near Vaughan Mills.

              1. re: kwass

                Don Mills..Vaughn Mills...same diff :D

                1. re: kwass

                  yikes. brain cramp. sorry, i don't know how i read Vaughn to be Don. up too early i guess

                2. re: plasticguy

                  Good to know. Their website does not list this new location. Not that I could see anyway.