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Feb 27, 2014 08:13 AM

Anyone been to Bistro LeRoux in Lake George?

came across their site while looking for another place in the area. sounds very good with a lot of choices including vegetarian.

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  1. davmar77, this might not be recent enough:

    Roger K went in Summer 2012 and posted a detailed report.

    The Yelp perspective which you've probably already read:

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      thanks. i did a quick search but nothing came up. looking forward to trying it out.

    2. I had dinner at Bistro LeRoux recently with a group of friends. It was a lovely evening. We all enjoyed the food and atmosphere, and recommend the place whole-heartedly.

      The menu offers the choice of either full or small portions for all of their appetizers, salads and entrees. I love that they do this. It allowed us all to enjoy multiple dishes while keeping the cost of the evening reasonable. The “small” portions were larger than I expected. So much so, that I expect full-size dishes must be excessively large.

      We all started with small-sized salads. I had the poached pear with marscapone, cherries, and candied walnuts with spinach and a fig dressing. It was delicious, but its sweetness was too great for me. On future visits I would order a more savory starter. For an entrée, I ordered the small-size short ribs dish. This was excellent. The meat very tender and flavorful and the accompanying hominy was a nice change from the usual. My companions all enjoyed their entrees.

      We also enjoyed an assortment of desserts. The waitress brought a tray containing the half-dozen or so dessert selections for us to see. A couple of chocolate ones, apple pie, cheesecake, and a vanilla beignet. Having never tried a beignet before, I chose that. Without previous experience I didn’t know what to expect, though I assumed it would be somewhat donut-like or fried-dough-like. It was neither – more like a fried short dough biscuit. Topped with ice cream and a maple drizzle, it made a lovely dessert.

      Service was friendly and efficient.

      1. Ate here last summer and had a very enjoyable meal. Recommend it.