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Feb 27, 2014 06:08 AM

Online appliance stores

Thinking about ordering new kitchen appliances from online stores shipped to the LA area. Has anyone used the one in St Louis, MO?

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  1. I had direct experience with one in St. Louis that is now a big online store. I would not.

    1. I spoke with the one in St. Louis and one on Long Island in N.Y.. Their prices were both less that my local appliance store, but when I went to the store with their prices they were willing to match it. I much prefer dealing with someone face to face in case there's an issue down the line. Good luck with your purchase.

      1. Maybe I just have a competitive appliance store, but when we redmoldeled our kitchen I didn't find appliances to be less expensive when purchased on line. Now, sinks and faucets, that's a different story, saved big time there.

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          Can I ask who you used for your faucets.

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            I will double check, but believe it was Faucet Depot. I had remolded two baths and purchased everything from Furgason and at the time thought their prices were more than fair, but these kitchen faucets were quit a bit less expensive and I was purchasing faucets for the sink, half bath and bar, so it was substancial. I also purchased the Blanco sink from the same place. Was going to get it from the granet shop, but their price was way out of line. It may have been the brand that made it more competitive to go on line than when I bought the Kohler and Delta faucets.

        2. When I lived in Ventura I ordered a fridge and a Viking water disposal from a local (LA) place with a big online presence. I think it was Appliance Discount Warehouse or some such. Those three words, for sure, perhaps in a different order. Service was prompt, prices were low. I also used them a few years ago to buy my new Bosch DW. Again, they were prompt and helpful.

          1. In December I ordered a new gas range from AJ Madison. Purchase and delivery went smoothly, I had no trouble and have no complaints.

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              I have ordered fridges and freezers from AJ Madison and have always been very pleased with both the products and the service.