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Feb 27, 2014 03:05 AM

Breakfast in New Bedford- Help Me Choose

Am considering Dillons vs the Keg and Egg menu at Rose Alley. Has anyone tried either recently? I am a breakfast snob.

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  1. No BS....the Rose Alley breakfast on Saturday's is probably one of the best breakfast meals i've had period. It's that good and served in a unique setting.

    Dillons as an aside is also very good. But RA absolutely is a must. You won't regret it.

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    1. re: CapecodKid

      Oh man. That looks so good! I'm running a half marathon in New Bedford on Sunday, 3/16. I just got really excited about this breakfast menu but see it's only on Saturdays. Do you recommend the Rose Alley for lunch on Sunday? Thanks for your help!!

      1. re: kdemayo

        I'm also running the NB Half. Have you run it before?? Awesome run. Post race is a GREAT time in NB!!! Rose Alley will be going off and so will Slainte. (race headquarters)

        RA has solid food, wings are amazing. The beer selection is top of the charts. Slainte is right next door. Food is ok/good. Pub style. I'd rec heading to RA post race and refuel. Then head to Slaite for entertainment and a few more brews!

        1. re: CapecodKid

          RA has a fun vibe and fun bar and great wings..I have tried most of the varieties. I have to say, if I was choosing food, I'd go to Cork and eat over RA but they are both great for different reasons. Slainte is a fun spot too. The night we went, they had 5.00 steak tips. I don't red meat but my date does and he loved them.

          May do the Irish 5K this Saturday and after, will hit Turks for sushi brunch. Didn't get to Rose Alley last week as we slept in but will definitely report back on their brunch. New Bedford is hopping. So glad my date lives there. We are going to Brick March 14. That place looks amazing.

          1. re: CapecodKid

            Ahhhh, I'm so excited! Thanks for this post, Capecodkid. No, I've never run it before but have heard great things. I've never been to New Bedford either and I'm totally psyched to check it out! Thanks for the info!

            Phelana, thanks for your post as well. I hope I can get down to New Bedford again to check out some other places. :)

            1. re: kdemayo

              Brick is fantastic. Downtown in general will be fun Sunday. Race gets good crowd. Weather looks solid as well.

              All spots mentioned here are near each other downtown. Just ask anyone and they'll help. Slainte is right near YMCA / number pickup. RA about a min walk away right on rt 18.