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Feb 27, 2014 01:11 AM

Barcelona - which restaurant for our second (& final) night in Barcelona?

We will be staying in Madrid for a month in March from where we're heading to Barcelona for a weekend. This will be our 3rd time in Barcelona.

We've managed to get a booking at Tickets for the Saturday night. Yay! :)

Seeing we will be going the tapas route on the Saturday night, we are thinking dinner in a restautant (rather than tapas crawl) on the Friday should be the aim.

So, we're wondering what type of restaurant to dine at on the Friday night.

Originally we were planning ABAC... but I don't like the fact that its quite remote and isn't really based on catalan cuisine.

We are considering Cinc Sentits. We've been there once before and really enjoyed it. Should we try somewhere new (for us) though?

I've noticed Lasarte getting favourable mentions on CH.
And Hisop?
We've discounted 41 degrees as we're dining at Tickets.

We're not absolutely looking for a high end dinner. Seeing as we are only spending 2 days in the catalan region, something at least based on catalan cuisine would be good.

We're wondering what fellow chowhounds would suggest?

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  1. I agree that Abac is a bit of a trek up in Tibidabo. There are some Asian ingredients on their menu but much of the menu is based on Catalan cooking, at least not any less so then some of your other choices. Maybe a little less so then Cinc Sentits. I have not been to Cinc Sentits in many years. Lasarte? it is named after a little spot in the Basque and owned by a Basque chef, though Berasategui is hardly ever there. Just about all the modern Catalan restaurants in Barcelona are going the same route. If you want Catalan cooking why not a traditional place. Tapas and modern Catalan restaurants are just a small part of Barcelona food scene.