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Feb 27, 2014 12:22 AM

Returning oysters that are poorly shucked or too tiny oysters?

I've encountered this quite often , platter of oysters - one of two that are completely mangled up due to poor shucking technique. Another phenomenon is super super tiny specks of kumamoto or kusshi oysters. These varieties are generally small to begin with, some that I've been served are just insultingly tiny. I've always sucked it up and quietly downed it.

Given how much restaurants are charging these days $2-$3/piece (that's 1 big mac or a 6in cold cut combo!), has anyone requested replacement oyster(s) and what is the waiter's reaction?

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  1. If you're paying serious money - send them back! I'm having flashbacks to the early 1980s when on Friday at Happy Hour the Rusty Scupper in Dallas had free gulf oysters - big and juicy - used to knock back a dozen with a 2 for 1 beer or rum and coke.

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    1. re: kagemusha49

      I have never had cause to send an oyster back.

    2. and I'm the other way -- oysters don't come in standard sizes, and some just don't give up as easily as others.

      Unless the shell mostly looks like it was opened with a sledgehammer, shell in the oyster comes with the territory.

      If you're thinking of a Big Mac or Subway while you're eating oysters, you're doing something pretty wrong.

      1. A middle of the week lunch in Mobile Bay. They had been stored from the previous night. Edges had dried to the platter. "The shucker hadn't come to work yet." Yes they went back.

        The gumbo was great. Had no trouble getting a jar of fili powder for me.

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          Yeah, those would definitely go back -- but those were neither small nor imperfectly shucked....

        2. Love Kumamoto's for their small, clean taste but I have issues where there is a sheath of skin but no oyster.
          Paying usually $2-3 bucks, I save them and let my waiter know.
          Never had any issues..yet.

, I could go for a dozen of freshly shucked oysters and a bowl of chowder!

          1. This winter, at The Ram's Head Inn (Galloway NJ)
            The appetizer
            I inquired about what kind of oysters and was told that they were Cape May Salts (one of my favorites)

            When they arrived I could tell by the shell that they were more than likely NOT Cape May Salts, also every darn one was MANGLED
            driving on, I ate one and it wasn't even cold, and the flavor was just 'off'
            yes, I returned them.