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Feb 26, 2014 11:55 PM

Tips for turning a venison heart into a pot roast or stew?

Hi I'm hoping to hear your thoughts:

I was looking for recipes for a venison heart and was interested to hear someone mention they had it growing up as a pot roast, (about 6th reply post down)!

My plan was to find a pot roast recipe I like and simply replace the roast meat with the heart meat.

For the pot roast recipe I am thinking either one with some sugar such as this,
or this which has apple juice instead: or probably a bit healthier one w/o sugar such as this or this

Or I'm thinking of cutting the heart into stew chunks and subbing it in for any stew recipe, such as

I'm just curious if you think it will work and what your thoughts are regarding simply subbing out the roast meat with the heart meat without altering anything else?

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  1. I have no experience with venison heart, but I cannot conceive of making a pot roast out of a heart. The heart is a tough muscle. Go with the stew.

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      ?? All of the cuts used for pot roast are tough as nails, too.

      You might have to braise it a little longer, but it will be fine.

    2. I would add the heart meat, cut in smaller pieces, in addition to using venison meat, cut in larger stew sized pieces. The smaller bits of heart meat will add a different texture and taste component to the regular venison stew meat.

      1. I modified a Bourguignon Recipe for grass fed beef heart and it would prob work with Venison as well. It was really really good.

        Beef Heart Bourguignon-
        Heat oven to 350.
        3lbs beef heart, large cubed as much fat as possible removed.
        Coat with flour S&P and brown in frying pan with some oil. (deglaze the pan with some of the wine)
        In dutch oven, 2 strips bacon sauteed, add 2 onions and whole garlic cloves from one head. Saute until brown.
        Add beef, green peppercorns & 5 smashed juniper berries. Add one and half bottles of red wine and a glass of water. Bring to a boil.
        Cover put in oven for 3 hours.
        Remove from oven. Skim fat from top with a spoon. uncover and simmer on the stovetop for another hour to reduce the gravy. Add extra flour at this point if desired.
        Serve with crusty bread.